Cobble and Gregston

Coach JT Cobble, who will enter his third season at Duncan, speaks to his player Jaxon Gregston. Now, he is giving encouragement to the community during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

To the Duncan Community,

We have fallen on some tough times right now in Duncan and in the country as a whole. These are unprecedented times right now and they are forcing us to adapt and overcome which is something that I think we are all capable of.

The football program is trying to get back some sense of normalcy into the program and with our young men.

We are moving forward and plan to play a football season and look forward to having this community come cheer these guys on Friday nights at Halliburton stadium. In my first two years here, I have learned some things about this community that make me hopeful that we will beat this thing and get back to our lives.

I received numerous letters, messages, and phone calls from you guys in the community with support for these young men and what we are trying to do in the football program and in the community. The stadium was packed on Friday nights and it did not go unnoticed by the players or the coaches. We were so proud to play and coach for you guys, and still are. This has made my staff and me optimistic of what’s to come because of you guys.

This is tight-knit community and you guys care for each other and care what happens here in Duncan. I believe that with this attitude that I have seen, we will come out on the other side of this awful situation and be as strong or stronger than we were. I have asked my staff to reach out to the kids that they specifically coach and touch base with them every week.

We are asking them to workout with what resources they have and we are giving them workouts that they can do at home and also asking them to be accountable to each other and make sure they all do some sort of workout. We are getting primed up to get out on the field and perform for all of you when this passes.

Again, these are tough times for everyone right now, some more than others but I will not let this get this football program and these kids down and I pray that you will not let it get you down either. I have seen firsthand what kind of community this is and what kind of people are in it and it is the best I have ever been a part of.

I look forward to seeing you all soon on Friday nights and us getting back out in this great community and lending a hand in whatever we can! This too shall pass!


JT Cobble

Head Football Coach

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