Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh (Gossett Stockton) dropped a new collaboration “Hate This Love” after working with The Nobody (Kalib Dane Frazier) and INRVISN (Ryan Powell).

Local lady Laura Leigh (Gossett Stockton) is getting more chart time with a new collaboration which just dropped and is making waves once again.

The song “Hate This Love” is from a three person work with The Nobody (Kalib Dane Frazier), INRVISN (Ryan Powell) and Laura Leigh.

“Hate This Love is the story of two people falling out of love; it reflects the scenario of a relationship gone toxic and even though they are in love they must put a stop to all of the side effects,” said The Nobody. “Me, Ryan, and Laura have all been working days in and out to make something that resonates with the topic on a deep emotional level. And while it's been a long time coming, it will be worth every second if it emotionally resonates with even just one person listening to it.”

Laura Leigh wrote the song after hearing the music by The Nobody and INRVISN.

“I wrote “Hate This Love” after receiving the stellar track (from them) which immediately inspired tons of melodic and lyrical ideas in my head,” she said. “I wrote the lyrics for those relationships that have hit an impenetrable wall of knowing that though they may have shared an unbelievable chemistry and journey for a season, it’s no longer healthy for the two of them to be together.”

Stockton said this was a bit out of her normal realm of lyrics.

“This type of song is different for me to write, as my husband and I are passionately in love and have a deep commitment to one another,” she said. “However, we’re no strangers to the stresses life can bring on a relationship...especially being partners pursuing our dreams together, putting everything on the line, all while living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I’m incredibly thankful for our deep rooted faith that keeps us strong and growing together through ups and downs… and for the fact that we know without a doubt we’re made for each other.”

For Stockton, it’s not that the relationship might not be the right one but it helps you find the right one.

“I believe it’s important to remember that every person you date is wrong until it’s right. So the song is saying… when you know in your heart that it's not right or good anymore and you’ve tried everything you can to fix it - don’t be afraid to step off the ride, no matter how great it was for the time. It’s the only way you can truly heal, be the person you’re meant to be, and discover the one that’s going to make you even better.”

INRVISN said the duality of the song is what makes it so impactful.

“This song has a duality thing going on with the beautiful intro and breakdown, coupled with the harder hitting drops. The vibe was more or less about loving someone so much that it turns into this sort of spite for them - especially if you have to move on from that relationship with them,” he said. “So, I think the lyrics convey that a bit and tell somewhat of a story about a hopeless and intense romantic situation.”

The single and music video are all out now.

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