A local church now offers foster needs through what they call a foster closet.

The foster closet, provided by Immanuel Church, serves foster families and their children in need of clothing, supplies and necessities, according to Kim Davison of Immanuel Church.

Taylar Smith, with Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS), said the foster care program provided by the church supports those with needs in trying times.

“I want to express our gratitude to Kim and Immanuel and the church at Immanuel, they’ve been very supportive in anything that I have ever needed,” Smith said. “I just want to thank the community, because they are overflowing with donations.” 

Davison said foster families tend to receive their foster children unexpectedly, which is why the need is so great.

“We are trying to supply the needs of any foster families in our county or neighboring counties,” Davison said. “A lot of times they get kids very quickly and these kids have nothing when they come.”

Blessings resulted in a plethora of donations to the foster closet at Immanuel, but donations will still be needed in the future. Donation items accepted include gently used clothing and furniture, baby supplies, toiletries, backpacks, cribs, bassinets, baby beds and car seats. The closet can help any foster child, from infants all the way up to teenagers.

“We would love new toiletries, backpacks and things like that for teenagers,” Davison said.

The church receives many donations from people and organizations, including Charis Pregnancy Center.

Davison said Charis donated an exponential amount of supplies to the foster closet.

Still, a few age groups need some help.

“My greatest need is for elementary age on up, so if people do want to donate for that age then I’ll take it,”

Davison said.

When school begins again in August, Davison said they’ll take school supplies for the elementary age group all the way up to teenagers, including pens, pencils, paper, crayons and more. 

Any items teenage girls would like are good donations as well, such as shampoo, makeup, and nail polish.

For more information about needing supplies or donating, contact Immanuel Church by phone at 580-255-0467.

Immanuel church is located at 207 N. 2nd Street in Duncan.

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