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Editor's note: Dr. Deighan also sent out an email Friday, Sept. 4 about another possible exposure of COVID-19 at Duncan Middle School. The same procedure from Sept. 3 will be followed in regards to notifying parents and staff. This story has been updated to include the information about the new possible exposure.


Duncan's superintendent issued a notice again Friday about another possible COVID-19 exposure at Duncan Middle School.

Just one day prior, Duncan Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan confirmed via email Thursday, Sept. 3, individuals at Duncan Middle School and Duncan High School were quarantined by the Oklahoma State Department of Health after a possible COVID-19 exposure. The same will happen with those involved in the potential exposure on Sept. 4.

According to Dr. Deighan, there is “no evidence that any students or staff have contracted COVID or that any other classrooms should be concerned at this time.”

“According to State Department of Health Officials, this is simply out of ‘an abundance of caution,’” Deighan said in an email to parents. “This is simply to be extra safe. We appreciate their swift actions on behalf of students and staff.” 

Deighan said all parents of students involved in the quarantine will be contacted personally by administrators or counselors today. Involved staff will also be contacted, Deighan said. Those who do not receive contact have not been impacted.

At this time, Deighan said Health Department officials haven’t advised of other action at this time but instead, said the wearing of masks and extra safety precautions in the district helped limit the amount of people who had to quarantine.

“Due to privacy laws, we cannot share any information about any students or staff,” he said. “We are also unable to speak or answer questions on behalf of the Oklahoma Health Department.”

Deighan said questions about school issues can be directed to Mr. Strutton at Duncan Middle School, Wade Hampton at Duncan High School, or himself.

“We will answer any questions as promptly and completely as possible,” Deighan said.

This is the third possible exposure Duncan Middle School has reported and the first for Duncan High School. So far, there have been five possible exposures reported in Duncan’s district, with the first at Will Rogers Pre-K reported on Sunday, Aug. 16 and the second at the Middle School, reported on Tuesday, Aug. 25

To contact Dr. Deighan, email to tom.deighan@duncanps.org.

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