Garvin and family

Jessica Garvin stands with her husband and father after winning the Republican nomination for State Sen. Dist. 43. She beat out incumbent State. Sen. Paul Scott with 51.56% of the vote.

After months of campaigning, the runoff for the State Sen. Dist. 43 Republican race is over as Jessica Garvin defeated incumbent Sen. Paul Scott with 51.56% of the vote.

Garvin started the night a little behind as early voting came in, but numbers from Stephens County started to roll in and other counties helped to give her first lead of the night.

Leading the rest of the night, Garvin continued by winning Stephens County with 2,306 votes or 57.77% while incumbent Sen. Scott got 42.23% and 1,686 votes in Stephens County.

As the precincts from around the state started to roll in, the results came down to the wire. Garvin, by the end, received 51.56% of the vote out of the four counties for a total of 3,927 votes while Sen. Scott got 48.44% of the vote statewide for a grand total of 3,689 votes. 

Garvin, after spending the night with close family and friends and after hearing the final results, said she felt gratified with the results declaring her the winner of the Republican nomination.

“I feel really good and I’m just so humbled and I know I said that 5,000 times and I think that God has provided through this whole thing and coming out of an election against an incumbent debt free is a big deal,” Garvin said. “I didn’t win every vote and I think that is important for people to remember. It is not over, and I am just looking forward to persuading the voters that were on the other side that I am willing to serve them and I want to serve them. I still have a lot of work ahead and I look forward to the challenge.”

Scott, who watched with friends and family at his house, said his time at the State Senate is something he will remember and was very thankful for the support.

“First, I want to start out and thank everyone who voted for me and thank everyone who has worked on my campaign this year,” Scott said. “They did a tremendous job and the effort they put forth from knocking doors and making signs to blowing up balloons to talking to people — it is just an unbelievable experience, it has been.”

While the race was close, Garvin said even though she was a little nervous throughout the night, she was happy once all precincts reported. Then, she felt very thankful.

“It is funny because a lot of the people kept saying, ‘are you nervous, are you nervous,’ and I said from day one that God called me to run,” Garvin said. “I don’t know if He is calling me to win, but He called me to run and that is what I have done. I have had peace about this whole journey from day one and it didn’t matter to me what the election results were going to be tonight because at the end of the day, I did what I was called to do. If God’s next calling is for me to win and to serve, that is what am I going to do and if it is not, then I will be at peace for that too.”

Scott will remain in his senate seat until January and said the experience is one he will always remember.

“I am very proud of my record that I have had … established in the Senate over the last four years,” Scott said. “This year I was ranked as the second most conservative Senator in the state of Oklahoma and I am very proud of that. I have worked with a lot of people and I have told them that relationships matter.”

While the focus for Garvin will move to the general election, she hopes to work together with the citizens to represent State Sen. Dist. 43 if voted into office.

“We have got a lot of work to do for our district and we have a lot of work to do for the state of Oklahoma,” Garvin said. “No matter who wins in the general election in November, we have got to work together as a team on both sides of the aisle and I think that is really important.”

Garvin will head to the November general election to face off against Democrat nominee Teri Reimer. Whoever wins in November will swear into office in January.

Tonight’s results are not official but the State Election Board, as well as County Election Boards, will send out certified results later this week.

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