Stephens County Free Fair Pageant

The 18th Annual Stephens County Free Fair Pageant announced the winners for their annual competition on Saturday, Aug. 8. Winners, in no particular order, include Miss Queen Carson Baker, Junior Miss Queen Lily Taylor, Mini Miss Queen Paisley Thorne, Little Miss Queen Kennedy Guajardo and Petite Miss Queen Paxton Thorne.

The 18th Annual Stephens County Free Fair Pageant announced the winners for their annual competition.

The girls competed to win titles for the five age divisions for each of the queen candidates on Aug. 8.

The queen candidates were divided into Miss, Jr. Miss, Mini Miss, Little Miss and Petite Miss.

In the first candidacy, winners announced were: Miss Queen: Carson Baker; first runner up: Olivia Churchman; second runner up: McKenzie Holmes; and third runner up: Harper McCord.

In the second candidacy, winners announced were Junior Miss Queen: Lily Taylor; first runner up: Abbigail Billings; and second runner up: Daylee Hall.

In the third candidacy, winners announced were Mini Miss Queen: Paisley Thorne; first runner up: Adley Castor; second runner up: Brylee Hall; and third runner up: Hope Carrio.

In the fourth candidacy, winners announced were, Little Miss Queen: Kennedy Guajardo; first runner up: Brenlee Anderson; second runner up: Paisley Nichols;

third runner up: Brodie Van Kirk; and Finalists: Zoey Wilburn, Emma Wendt and Graycie Farris.

In the fifth candidacy, winners announced were Petite Miss Queen: Paxton Thorne; first runner up: Olivia Tremble; second runner up: Kollins Garvin; third runner up: Bristol Jackson; and Finalist: Kennadi Edwards.

Abbigail Billings received the most votes in the “People’s Choice” division.

Carson Baker won the “Contestant’s Choice” for Miss Congeniality.

Those who won in best party wear are Miss Carson Baker, Jr. Miss Lily Taylor, Mini Miss Paisley Thorne, Little Miss Kennedy Guajardo and Petite Miss Olivia Trimble.

The best casual wear winners include Miss Olivia Churchman, Jr. Miss Daylee Hall, Mini Miss Adley Castor, Little Miss Brenlee Anderson and Petite Miss Olivia Tremble.

For the most photogenic, winners include Miss Harper McCord, Jr. Miss Abbigail Billings, Mini Miss Hope Carrio, Little Miss Kennedy Guajardo and Petite Miss Bristol Jackson.

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