Food for Kids

The Duncan Public School board was presented $100,000 for the Food for Kids by the Duncan Chamber of Commerce and committee members.

In a regular meeting of the Duncan Public Schools Board of Education, the final total from the Food for Kids auction in August presented a greater total than expected.

CEO and President of Duncan Chamber of Commerce Chris Deal and the committee presented a check for $100,000 to Superintendent Tom Deighan and the Duncan Public Schools on behalf of the Food for Kids program.

With the yearly Food for Kids event, the program raised more than anticipated with the help of many committee members.

“Each year, the Duncan Chamber of Commerce partners with Duncan Public Schools, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and others to really try to make a difference in our children’s lives as far as food programs,” Deal said.

The help in children’s lives comes through different types of programs within the Regional Food Bank, such as the backpack for kids program, the school cafe programs and other types of pantry programs.

“It came about eight year ago,” Deal said. “The chamber became aware of a deficit there that we weren’t meeting the funding necessary within Duncan Public Schools, and so we began a partnership with Duncan Public Schools. We couldn’t do this fundraising event without the participation of so many within the school district whether it be counselors, principals, board members and all of these.”

With many participants and passionate people, the auction funds continued to grow.

“We had our auction, even during COVID-19, we did it safely, we actually didn’t expect to do as well as we did last year,” Deal said. “Actually, we raised over $40,000 that evening.”

Deal acknowledged some of those who help with the auction, such as Lisha Elroy, Kelle Jeffrey, Sandy Stewart and her team, Nicole Punneo, chairman of the committee including Chrisie Young and Judy Dittner.

“You can see the involvement of the school, just in the committee,” Deal said. “These individuals have so much passion and love for our schools in the district.”

After the auction, the totals kept adding up to bring the grand total presented.

“We did the auction, got $40,000,” Deal said. “In two days, we got a match for that and made it $80,000. Then, someone heard about that and they brought in a $10,000 check and then we got a match for that.”

This year’s motto, “learning begins when hunger ends,” showed the community ways the program provides food to students, as statistics show one in four children in Oklahoma go to bed hungry.

More on this Duncan School Board of Education meeting will appear in future editions of The Duncan Banner.

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