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Oklahoma Highway Patrol arrested a Florida man in Stephens County after they say he made “lewd or indecent proposals” to a child and furnished alcohol to someone under 21.

According to court records, Jhonny Diaz-Perez, 25, of West Palm Beach, Florida, resides in the Stephens County Jail for charges of lewd or indecent proposals or acts to a child under 16 and furnishing an alcoholic beverage to a person under 21.

Affidavits show a Oklahoma trooper performed a traffic stop on July 25 on the State Highway 7 Bypass south of Plato Road. The trooper noted in reports the driver, Diaz-Perez, could not provide a driver’s license for any state and only had an ID card.

The trooper reported a 13 year old in the passenger seat of the vehicle, affidavits state. Diaz-Perez told the trooper they were going to get snacks, but the minor told them they were actually going to Wichita Falls. Diaz-Perez then told the trooper they intended to go to Wichita Falls but it was too late and he was going to take the minor home and that the minor’s mother knew what was happening, reports state.

The trooper reported Diaz-Perez seemed “nervous” and that he was placed under arrest for operating a vehicle and not having a driver’s license.

Law enforcement reported also finding two packages of cold beer in the car.

The minor was taken home, where police learned the mother did not give permission for the minor to be with Diaz-Perez. A cellphone was turned over to police for further investigation.

Lawmen reported finding content in the phone from Diaz-Perez where he texted the minor and referred to himself as an adult pet-name. Texts also show the minor asking for alcohol and Diaz-Perez said he would bring some.

Additionally, law enforcement also found text messages from Diaz-Perez to the minor about wanting to have sex, affidavits show.

On July 27, investigators and troopers interviewed Diaz-Perez, who originally stated he didn’t know how old the minor was before he admitted that he intended to take them to a motel room in Wichita Falls for sex, reports state.

A judge set bond for Diaz-Perez at $1,000,000. He will return to court for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. Sept. 16, 2020.

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