The Farmer’s Market Hub will look to provide fresh produce to the community throughout upcoming weeks.

The Duncan Farmers Market has been open every Friday evening from 4 to 8 p.m. since May. The market will continue in the future fall weeks ahead and will remain open until Oct. 1.

Sonja Eubanks, market hub manager, said their goal is to provide the community with a variety of fresh and local produce.

“The Market HUB will carry seasonal produce that local home growers and farmers bring into The Market,” Eubanks said.  “The Market HUB is contracted to sell their produce at the prices that the farmers/home growers set.”

The Market HUB is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday. During the farmers market season, The Market will remain open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. They are closed Sundays.

Eubanks said they want to be able to utilize the local farmers and what they can provide to the community.

According to Eubanks, this provides “produce that wasn't trucked in” and “produce that on some farms use minimal pesticides.”

The mission is simple, Eubanks said: “We also want to support the local farmer and home grower.”

“We are excited to be able to offer fresh local produce to support the Oklahoma Farmers,” Eubanks said.

Eubanks said those who receive SNAP benefits can use them at The Market.

According to Eubanks, The Duncan Farmers Market received a grant for a second year from Hunger Free Oklahoma.

“If a SNAP recipient customer comes to The Market HUB or The Duncan Farmers Market, we can match their SNAP benefits up to $20 per day,” Eubanks said. “The SNAP recipient receives silver DUO (Double Up Oklahoma) tokens each valued at $1. They can spend the tokens to purchase fresh produce only with any of the venders participating in The Duncan Farmers Market or in The Market HUB.”

Eubanks said aside from SNAP benefits, DUO coins can be used as well.

“The Duo Tokens can be used to purchase more fresh produce from our venders or The Market HUB,” Eubanks said.

The Farmer’s Market Hub offers produce from several counties, towns and cities in Southwest Oklahoma, including bison meat from Tuttle, grass-fed Wagyu beef from Duncan and grass-fed Pineywood beef from Lindsay.

Eubanks said the Pineywood cattle breed are known to be resistant to most diseases.

“They are a Heritage livestock and descended from the original Spanish stock left along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts,” Eubanks said. “They are noted for being naturally resistant to most diseases and are able to forage on rough vegetation that commercial cattle will not touch.”

The Market Hub offers a variety of products, according to Eubanks, from fresh eggs, to jellies, tomatoes, watermelon and an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, all locally grown in southwestern Oklahoma.

According to Eubanks, the market carries what is in season and what the farmers bring them.

“Other produce we have had while in season is peaches and cream, corn on the cob and carrots,” Eubanks said.

Eubanks said after the harvest in the fall, they hope to carry winter squashes, pumpkins, lettuces and mixed greens, Egyptian spinach, onions, peppers and green beans.

And to make it easier on those who utilize the market, Eubanks said the staff offers curb side assistance.  

Patrons can call ahead and place an order and pay by phone, then someone will meet them at the curb for delivery. 

For curbside assistance or for more information about the The Farmer’s Market Hub, patrons can contact Eubanks at 580-606-6107 or 580-699-4264.

The Farmers Market Hub is located at 2113 West Beech St. in Duncan and The Duncan Farmers Market and Think Ability Community Garden is located at 2109 W Beech Street in Duncan.

For more information about the Farmers Market, contact Think Ability Community Garden/The Duncan Farmers Market Manager Sheila DeCarlo at 580-641-3309.

On the Market menu

The Market Hub offers a variety of products, according to Eubanks, from fresh eggs, to jellies, tomatoes, watermelon and an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, all locally grown in southwestern Oklahoma. These products include:

• Free range chicken eggs from Lindsay

• Hand crafted jellies from Chickasha

• Fresh tomatoes, slicers, and cherry, green and ripened from Marlow, Duncan, Ringling

• Yellow squash from Marlow and Ringling

• Cucumbers from Marlow

• Okra from Duncan, Loco and Ratliff City

• Bell Pepper from Ratliff City, and Ringling

• Banana Peppers from Ratliff City

• Watermelon from Rush Springs

• Cantaloupe from Rush Spring and Ratliff City

• Onions from Duncan, and Lindsay

• Garlic from Duncan

• Herbs from Duncan

• Egyptian Spinach from Duncan

• Lettuce and mixed greens from Duncan

• Purple Hull Black Eyed Peas from Duncan and Terrell

• Honey Dew Melons from Ratliff City

• Honey from the Duncan and surrounding area

• Fresh roasted coffee from Velma

Several active vendors are apart of The Market Hub, including:

▪ Think Ability Community Garden

▪ Aktins Family Farm in Marlow

▪ Stevens Wild Horse Farm in Ratliff City

▪ WW Greenhouse in Ringling

▪ Standifer Farm in Duncan

▪ Hoggard Farm in Loco

▪ Arrowhead Bison Meats LLC in Tuttle

▪ Panther Creek Farm in Lindsay

▪ Bee Wise Honey in Duncan

▪ Shameless Coffee in Velma

▪ Shelly’s Jelly’s in Chickasha

▪ Taliaferro Soap Works in Duncan

▪ Fallen Heart Ranch in Duncan

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