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Sparks of kind gestures ignite all over the nation in many ways, but this Monday it will come in the form of coffee.

One local couple will brew an extra cup of kindness throughout the community when they, along with an anonymous donor, will provide a total of 100 small coffees to customers on Memorial Day.

Tress McRoy, daughter of the couple, said they lost her brother, Chad McRoy, to suicide on April 26, 2018.

“He was amazing,” she said. “He had such a kind heart and would do anything for anyone. He was in the Navy and completed three deployments after 9/11.” 

Never quite knowing what to do to be able to hold onto the memory of their loved one, the family has since dedicated to showing acts of random kindness to the community during various times.

“Since his suicide, we have struggled with what to do and how to honor him on his birthday, etc.,” McRoy said. “The only thing we knew for sure to do was to spread kindness because that's who he was.”  

The McRoy family has adopted the “pay it forward” method in spreading kindness over the past few years.

“The past two years on his birthday and the day he died, we have ‘paid it forward’ and asked the drive-thru we did this in to please let that person know it was in memory of Chad McRoy,” McRoy said. “We think that ‘spreading kindness’ in a bigger scale like this will definitely make him smile. We miss him everyday.”

Eunice and Larry McRoy, Tress’ parents, talked to the general manager at Viridian Coffee Co. 

“They asked them if they could buy a gift card for 50 small coffees for anyone that said they were there in memory of Chad McRoy on Memorial Day,” McRoy said. “They said yes, they would be honored.”  

This gesture grew exponentially when someone matched their donation of 50 coffees and made it 100 free coffees total.

“Since posting our request, we have had another amazing person match our 50 coffees,” McRoy said. “Now the first 100 friends that drive through Viridian Coffee on May 25 and say they are there in memory of Chad McRoy will get a free small coffee.”

Since the idea came about, the community has shown an overwhelming amount of support, according to McRoy.

“We have received so many kind words and support regarding Chad,” McRoy said. 

The family hopes this Memorial Day is one to remember and honor their loved one.

“We are looking forward to Memorial Day to have so many friends remember him with us,” McRoy said. “Suicide sucks, but it's real and unfortunately happens. We hope that this will make people happy. Spreading kindness could change the outcome of someones day.”

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