Plato Elementary School

Students from various grades at Plato Elementary School led the Duncan School Board of Education meeting in the flag salute this month.

In a recent Duncan Public School Board meeting, elementary teachers from Plato presented on their students’ recent lessons.

After the students opened the meeting with the flag salute, Brandy Peters, Plato Elementary Principal, introduced teachers from the school, who spoke to district leaders about their classroom happenings in special courses or extra curricular and how they’re navigating that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special courses include P.E. and music classes, which students spend 20 minutes in each day.

First, Peters spoke on behalf of Coach Harris and how the physical education classes are going.

Harris had a vision to have a walking and jogging trail outside. Some donations were received, which raised funds to install the path.

“It gives an opportunity for our students now to get outside and to do some exercise out there as well,” Peters said. “His original vision is to get kids excited about walking and jogging and participating and just living healthy lifestyles, possibly doing 5k’s.”

Peters said Harris would love to take students to the Spirit of Survival race to do their final mile, as well as to the Memorial Marathon for a kids race.

Next, Stephanie Stephens, music teacher, showed district officials how her classes use SeeSaw with the students’ Chromebooks to teach rhythm, melody, instruments and more.

“As a music teacher, I can access my students quickly, right away and I know myself if they know rhythm or the melody,” Stephens said. “This is the outlet I use to help tell the parents they’re getting this or not getting this.”

Stephens illustrated how kindergarten student Baylor learned about steady beat in class as well as other techniques.

Stephens also showed how first grader Austin learned about the beginning of rhythm, in a language the kids can understand. The kids also learned how to make their own rhythm and speak it.

Finally, Stephens also showed how third grade student McKinley reviewed their rhythms through a creative assignment that allowed them to make up their own rhythm and read it.

Then, Judy Dittner, counselor, illustrated their community engagement with a variety of “word of the week” life principle videos that are shared with students during counseling lessons.

Throughout the year, Plato Elementary has created “wow” (word of the week) for character education.

Community members helped create videos to help students learn the word of the week. Students also learned about justice from Duncan Police, reliability from the fire department, unity from the U.S. Army, cooperation and also friendship, among many other lessons.

“We put it on a drive and every elementary sees it,” Dittner said. “We talk about character and having good character and being kind.”

Nicki Brant, a librarian who is virtual, joined in via video and shared how she uses Google Classroom, SeeSaw, online checkout and Google Meet weekly, from in person students to virtual learners.

“We have Google Classroom setup for each individual class in first through fifth grade,” Brant said.

The next Duncan School Board of Education Meeting will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8 at the Administration Building located at 1706 W. Spruce in Duncan.

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