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Empire’s Superintendent issued a warning to his district Thursday, warning against violating quarantine orders from the Department of Health.

Justin Smith, superintendent, said after speaking with Stephens County’s Health Department and “with cases on the rise in our county,” there are certain things everyone should be aware of when it comes to violating quarantine.

“If a student is determined to be quarantined by the Health Department, that student will not be allowed to return early to school, or be removed from a quarantined list,” Smith said. “In addition, if a student is quarantined and found to be away from home, at events or attending school functions, this is a failure to comply with the quarantine recommendation from the Health Department and could lead to an official quarantine order issued by the Commissioner of Health.”

Smith said those who are charged with the violation could face a misdemeanor under Statute Title 21-48-1195.

“Every person, who having been lawfully ordered by any health officer to be detained in quarantine, and not having been discharged leaves the quarantine grounds, or willfully violates any quarantine law or regulation, is guilty of a misdemeanor,” state penalties listed by Smith under the misdemeanor violation.

“Please do your part in helping lessen the chances of spreading the COVID virus,” Smith said.

For more information, contact Empire Public Schools by dialing 580-252-5392.

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