2020 election

Despite long lines at the polls, Oklahomans cast a record-setting 1.56 million votes for U.S. president. Stephens County voters also showed out in large numbers as 19,046 ballots were cast in the race for president.

In Oklahoma, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence led as the presidential favorites with 65.37% of the vote compared to Former Vice President Joe Biden and his VP candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, who garnered 32.29% of the vote. Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen took home 1.58% of the vote from Oklahoma.

In Stephens County, Trump again was the favorite, as he took home 81.65% or 15,552 votes compared to Biden’s 16.54% or 3,151 votes.

In the office of Corporation Commissioner, Todd Hiett, Republican Incumbent, took home a landslide victory with 76.10% or 1,098,561 total votes. His competitor, Libertarian Todd Hagopian, however, took home only 23.90% or 345,002 of the votes.

In Stephens County, Hiett was selected as the favorite for the Corporation Commission office with 15,753 votes compared to Hagopian’s 2,425 votes.

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe cruised to a steep victory over competitor Abby Broyles, a Democrat. Inhofe secured his fifth term in office with 62.91% or 977,813 votes compared to Broyles’ 32.76% or 509,186 votes.

In Stephens County, Inhofe led as the favorite with 80.18% of the vote compared to Broyles’ 16.45%.

Republican incumbent Tom Cole will also return for another term as U.S. Rep. for Dist. 4. He took home 67.79% or 212,830 of the votes in Oklahoma over Libertarian Bob White, who received 3.44% or 10,786 votes, and Democrat Mary Brannon, who received 28.78% or 90,350 votes.

In Stephens County, Cole was also the favorite, taking home 82.20% over Brannon, who received 15.12%, and White, who received 2.68%.

State Sen. Dist. 43, which saw Republican Jessica Garvin win, had little competiton. Garvin took home 82.17% of the vote at 30,343 ballots cast for her while Democratic candidate Terri Reimer only took home 17.83% or 6,582 votes.

Garvin was also the clear favorite in her home of Stephens County, where she received 83.36% or 11,822 votes over Reimer, who received 16.64% or 2,360 votes.

The State Rep. Dist. 65 race will return Republican incumbent Toni Hasenbeck to office as she won 79.12% or 9,846 votes over competitor Jennifer Kerstetter, a Democrat, who took home 20.88% or 2,598 votes.

The Dist. 65 race only had three precincts in Stephens County, however Hasenbeck was the local favorite, receiving 88.46% of the Stephens County vote over Kerstetter, who took home 11.54% of the vote.

The final race on the ballot in Stephens County for an office was local. Republican incumbent Todd Churchman took home the victory and will return to serve as County Commissioner for District 2 after beating out Lonnie Estes, Independent, Tuesday evening. Churchman took home 65.78% or 4,329 votes compared to Estes who garnered 34.22% or 2,252 votes.

Other Oklahoma offices not on the ballot in Stephens County saw many Republicans return to office.

Kevin Hern, Republican, took home the U.S. Rep. Dist. 1 position by 63.69% of the vote over Kojo Asamoa-Caesar, Democrat, who only garnered 32.69%. Independent Evelyn L. Rogers took home only 3.61% of the vote.

Republican incumbent Markwayne Mullin took a landslide victory and will return to another term as U.S. Rep. for Dist. 2. He garnered 75.04% of the vote over Democrat Danyell Lanier, who received 22%, and Libertarian Richie Cataldo, who garnered 2.96%.

A close race between Republican Stephanie Bice and Democrat Kendra Horn will put another Republican into office with U.S. Rep. Dist, 5. Bice won over Horn with 52.06% or 158,044 votes while Horn gathered 47.94% or 145,541 votes.

Both state questions failed in Oklahoma Tuesday night.

The first, State Question 805, which dealt with criminal justice reform and the use of prior nonviolent offenses to enhance charges, tanked in the state with 61.08% of voters voting no for the measure. In Stephens County, the proposition also failed with voters, taking home a whopping 74.79% no vote.

State Question 814, which regards funneling money from TSET into the State Legislature for payment of Medicaid expansion, failed with 58.79% or 876,407 votes. The measure also failed in Stephens County as 55.26% of voters cast a no ballot for the proposition.



In other election news:

• Oklahoma voted to retain Matthew John Kane IV for Supreme Court District 1 with 68.87% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Tom Colbert for Supreme Court District 6 with 67.39% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Richard Darby for Supreme Court District 9 with 67.69% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Robert Hudson on the Court of Criminal Appeals for District 2 with 67.97% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Gary Lumpkin on the Court of Criminal Appeals for District 3 with 66.93% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Jane Wiseman on the Court of Civil Appeals for District 1, Office 2 with 66.58% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Deborah Barnes on the Court of Civil Appeals for District 2, Office 1 with 67.34% of the vote.

• Oklahoma voted to retain Keith Rapp on the Court of Civil Appeals for District 2 Office 2 with 64% of the vote.

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