In recent weeks, local health clinics and hospitals in the area have decided to align under the new corporate name of DRH Health, Inc.

“We are very excited to announce that over the next few months, Duncan Regional Hospital, Jefferson County Hospital, Solutions Practice Management, and all of our Rural Health Clinics will start to align under a new corporate name…DRH HEALTH, Inc.,” states a release. “With this announcement, we are pleased to unveil our new logo, DRH Health, which represents our identity and evolution as a fully integrated healthcare system.”

According to information from Duncan Regional Hospital, in 1977, three hospitals joined together to form Duncan Regional Hospital. 

“Through the years, Duncan Regional has stood for compassionate, high-quality, exceptional care,” states the release. “Since our inception, we have continued to bring a number of new services and specialties to the area allowing our communities to receive the best care right here at home.”

Since then, Duncan Regional Hospital has grown to include Jefferson County Hospital, twelve family practice, and eight specialty sites covering Cotton, Jefferson, Stephens, and Grady counties.

“We have grown from one hospital into a fully integrated health system, delivering care across southwest Oklahoma,” states the release. “By showing ‘DRHHealth’ first and foremost in all of our entity’s names, we are helping our patients see our connection across all our acute care, ambulatory, specialty, and primary care services. Over the next few weeks, our new logo will start to show up throughout the system. While the logo may be new, what hasn’t changed is our mission of providing exceptional and compassionate care while improving our community’s health.”

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