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Law enforcement has issued a warrant for the arrest of a man they say is accused of entering a local car shop and stealing a custom truck, along with an estimated $50,000 worth of tools.

According to court records, Christopher Lane Taylor is wanted for burglary in the second degree, grand larceny and two counts of larceny of an automobile.

Larceny of an automobile, a felony, is punishable by zero to five years imprisonment while burglary in the second degree, a felony, is punishable by up to seven years imprisonment and grand larceny is punishable by zero to eight years imprisonment and a fine of up to $1,000.

Reports indicate the business owner and an employee of the local car repair shop reported the burglary around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 22. When Duncan Police arrived on scene, they were told unknown suspects had made entry to the building and had taken several items, including a vehicle, though forced entry wasn’t apparent.

The missing items included a custom 1980’s Chevrolet square body pickup, an Oklahoma license plate for a 2000 Ford Ranger and multiple tools and equipment, reports state.

Police noted in the report it appeared someone had pulled into a shop bay and then loaded the tools because dirt had fallen off from a vehicle and a few tools were left scatted on the floor.

The truck which was missing was reportedly a “complete frame build up … black in color with a primer colored cowl induction hood … (with) a custom radiator and transmission cooler mounted in the bed of the truck” and a completely custom dash. Other customized items featured on the truck were reported to DPD for identification purposes.

Missing tools and equipment totaled up to $50,000, reports state.

Around 7:35 p.m. Nov. 2, DPD was contacted by the owner of the car shop who was able to provide an address of 404 S. 7th St., stating information had come in and the stolen items were taken by someone at this address.

When police made contact at the address, they found Christopher Lane Taylor, who allowed police to look around the first two bays of the shop. Taylor advised police he didn’t know anything about a stolen vehicle or tools and that he knew the owner of the car shop which had been burglarized.

Police noted in the report observing multiple tools and numerous motorcycle parts. Law enforcement also asked Taylor if they could see the back three bays of the property they were at, but Taylor told them he didn’t have keys to them.

At the time, a witness showed up on scene and accused Taylor of lying and told police there “was a hole in the wall behind a white board that Taylor could climb through” to get to these bays and that he also had the keys to them. Taylor said he didn’t know what the witness was talking about and when police asked if they could look in the front two bays again, Taylor said no, “we have already done that and I’m being honest with you,” reports show.

Police conducted an interview with the witness, who told law enforcement on Oct. 25, they had been taken back to the east bays of the property where they observed the truck, which had been advertised on social media as stolen.

The witness told police Taylor said he was going to take the truck apart and a friend, who has not yet been charged and won’t be named until charges are filed, would sell the chassis in Oklahoma City and use remaining parts on other vehicles, reports state. The witness also told police Taylor advised the “friend” had given him a key to the car shop which was burglarized.

The same witness also told police one night Taylor allegedly showed up with a black Harley Davidson motorcycle that had custom Jack Daniels Old No. 7 emblems on it. The witness said Taylor told them he had pushed the motorcycle out of the driveway at a residence near Camelback and then started the bike and drove off with it, reports state. Police noted in the report the stolen motorcycle was taken Oct. 17 and that it reportedly had a pistol located inside the saddle bag.

Police then spoke with the landlord of the property on south 7th street and the landlord advised the locks on the back three bays belonged to Taylor.

Police secured the scene of the property while a search warrant was prepared and Taylor left the premises. The search warrant resulted in law enforcement finding the 1980’s custom Chevrolet square body pick up, which was partially disassembled, numerous tools reported stolen from the car repair business, parts of numerous Harley Davidson motorcycles, multiple pieced together frames of motorcycles with no VIN numbers, parts identified from the stolen motorcycle, a folded up vehicle tag that matched the reportedly stolen license plate, and a security camera which was recording to a DVR.

Police seized the property. Reports show Taylor has been contacted by police multiple times and has stated he would be coming to talk to them but has not shown up.

The owner of the car repair shop which was burglarized stated the “friend” of Taylor had worked there part time and may have been given a key from a former employee, which could have been how they gained access to the shop.

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