Duncan City Council hosted a very quick meeting Tuesday, where they approved rezoning a property from agricultural zoning to tourist commercial zoning, and also paid some bills.

First, the property up for rezoning, according to City Manager Kim Meek, was 402 E. Elm.

The City of Duncan Plan Commission previously met Tuesday, Nov. 19 about the rezoning, which was a request from David and Lillian George. The rezoning includes tourist commercial and industrial.

“Staff shared with the Plan Commission members that the subject property currently has a single family home on the northern end and is otherwise vacant of any development,” Meek said. “Staff noted that the property directly to the south is currently being used for a staging area for a pipeline that is being constructed in the region and see industrial traffic daily.”

The Georges advised they are seeking the the rezoning application to develop a small “U-Store” facility as well as a small RV park in hopes of capturing some of the need for those working on the pipeline, according to city documents.

The Plan Commission unanimously approved the item and sent it to council, which also unanimously approved the rezoning Tuesday night.

In other council news, the board approved:

• Pay request No. 3, final, for services rendered in connection with the Duncan City Hall Water and Service Fire Protection project and to consider setting the maintenance bond into effect. The contract, Miller Construction, has submitted reimbursement for 100% of the work completed and the final inspected was held Nov. 14. The payment totaled $50,529.71.

• Declaring a Glock 22 as surplus equipment. The gun is to be given to Master Officer Daryl Schmitt as part of his retirement compensation.

• Declaring 22 taser cartridges as surplus to be donated to Waurika Police Department. Duncan Police no longer issues tasers as a less than lethal option and Waurika was in need. The City Attorney advised there should be no issue with the donation and City of Duncan would hold no liability for the donation.

• Decommissioning BP&W Park as a public park for lack of use and allow for the removal of a sign and table located there. BP&W Park is located at the intersection of Oak Avenue and 3rd Street. The property was dedicated to City of Duncan in 1960 and has had minimal use, though the city mows and maintains the property. This appeared before the Parks Board on Nov. 18 for consideration, where the idea to decommission was approved. The city will continue mowing the property. There is a condition in the deed that if the property was not used as a public park, it would revert back to the previous owners, but since they are deceased, the board may later request the property be declared as surplus and for it to be sold.

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