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The Duncan Public Schools (DPS) board of education has set a special meeting for school officials to talk with the citizens, parents and staff of the district about what kind of investment they wanted to see, and the possibility of needing to start a bond or continue the bond already in place, or some other source of funding to do those improvements.

The meeting is 5:30 p.m. Dec. 2 at Duncan High School Library.

Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan spoke about how he was still working with teachers and support staff with the 2019 needs assessment. He said there have been over 30 meetings and more meetings scheduled with so far 1,000 separate needs identified.

This was his way of seeing some of the real life applications of the strategic plan.

“So over the last four years they (board of education) have been working on the strategic plan … and my job was to come in a carry that on. One of the things I did … was I got the staff together and I asked them a question that was really simple — What do your students need? Because I had to not only carry out what the board was doing but as a new superintendent I had to figure out how will I get my head around it (the plan) as well.”

This has helped him see the bigger picture through “every student, every program.”

“What the foundation of my needs assessment is, is already what the board has been doing with the community,” he said “The number one thing staff and teachers have been talking about is they would like a steady, dependable (inventory) of equipment and materials.”

Other items were more capital improvements like roofing, HVAC units, playgrounds and security needs.

Another was the need to get the Duncan High auditorium back to its former glory.

“The board has worked extremely hard to do whatever we do from this point on without a tax increase,” Deighan said. “So we can meet this need. I met with our financial advisor and we really, really believe we can meet these needs without an tax increase.”

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