Duncan Public Schools, in conjunction with Chicken Express, honored their October employees of the month for this school year during a regularly scheduled meeting earlier this week.

Certified Teacher of the Month Jeramy Haas, of Duncan High School, and Support Staff Employee of the Month, Amanda Woods, of Duncan High School and Middle School Athletics, were honored with gratitude and appreciation. Both employees were given a plaque, drink card and free meal for the month from Chicken Express.

Superintendent Tom Deighan said both employees come essentially from the same school.

“We got to announce Mr. Haas being employee of the month at the pep rally the other day,” Deighan said.

Along with Haas, Woods was also honored.

“Before COVID started to be an issue, way back in the summer, in April, May and June, Ms. Woods sat down with our athletic staff and made sure that we had COVID procedures, quarantining, masks, temperatures, all those things were put in place with our staff,” Deighan said. “She’s our athletic trainer and we have her in cooperation with Duncan Regional Hospital.”

Woods helped put a lot of ideas into the hands of the DPS staff and educators for moving forward through COVID-19.

Along with presenting the employees of the month, Deighan revisited a staff member who helped out a lot with the bond election. Deighan presented David Ellis as one of the behind the scenes people who helped with getting the bonds passed.

“It’s impossible to get anything done with out social media,” Deighan said. “David has a special role. He managed the social media, even after he transitioned to the middle school. He managed the social media, we had a Demon Swarm, he kept them swarming, kept all the good information out there … I promise you this bond would not have happened without Mr. Ellis.”

The next Duncan Public School Board of Education Meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Nov. 10.

More on this Duncan School Board of Education meeting will appear in future editions of The Duncan Banner.

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