Duncan Admin Building

Duncan Public Schools’ administrative building. 

In a regular meeting of the Duncan Public School’s Board of Education, the board discussed the Duncan Public School’s (DPS) internship program, policy updates, as well as regular end-of-year business.

In opening the meeting, Lesa Hefner, Pathways to Future Careers instructor and coordinator, presented a slideshow updating the board on the Pathways to Future Careers Internship Students program.

Hefner thanked the board for their support of the internship program.

“We began as a challenging year,” Hefner said. “We really had a great success.”

Next on the agenda was to approve amendments to a policy for the Internet and Technology Safety and Appropriate Use.

Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan addressed two main changes, one changing the naming of the usage fee to an insurance fee in case students break their computer and the other eliminating the hot spots.

“The bad news is we’re discontinuing hot spots and providing those for students, but the good news is we have three or four — because of COVID — there are several programs,” Deighan said. “We’ve heard from the Chickasaw Nation, we’ve heard from several, we’re getting those out to the enrollment, to the principals, where there is assistance for families who need broadband access, so that will replace our hotspot program. It can be virtually free for families who qualify. We’re not just eliminating hotspots and that service, we are replacing it.”

The board approve the policy update.

Then, Deighan gave his district update to the board members.

“All five of our elementary schools earned a distinguished status from Project Lead the Way,” Deighan said.

Then Deighan updated the board on the success of the summer feeding program underway, as well as summer extended services.

Deighan congratulated everyone on the success of graduation this year and making it through the school year.

In other news, the board approved the appointment of the following for fiscal year 2021-2021:

• Devera Albertson - ADA Compliance Officer

• Kasey Brenneis - Deputy Clerk of the Board of Education and Deputy Minutes Clerk

• Channa Byerly - Purchasing Agent, Chief Financial Officer, Special Education, and Treasurer

• Bobby Cook - Authorized Title IX Coordinator

• Tom Deighan - Oklahoma Schools Assurance Group (OSAG) representative

• Kelly Henderson - Clerk of the Board of Education and Minutes Clerk

• Allison Lovett - Coordinator for Federal Consolidated Programs, Reading Sufficiency Act, Title I Part A Basic Program, Title II Part A Teacher and Principal Quality, Title II Part D Technology, Title II/ProfessionalDevelopment, Title III Part A English Language Learners, Title VI Part B, Subpart 2 and Rural Low Income Schools, and Coordinator for Carl Perkins

• Allison Lovett - Director of State and Federal Programs, as the authorized representative to sign for Federal, State, and Local Grant Applications and Reimbursements for the district, and/or reporting documents

• Melissa Massie - Encumbrance Clerk

• Lori McCann - Custodian of School Activity Funds

• Tabitha Sale - Bloodborne Pathogen Infection Control Officer

• Christie Stephenson - Coordinator of Section 504 of the Civil Rights Act

• Merry Stone - Coordinator for Staff Development, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, School Lunch Program, and Attendance Officer and Residency Dispute Officer

The board approved the appointment of the following as Receiving Agents:  Koree Goldsmith, Crystal Bailey, Vicki Nighswonger, Debbie Robinson, Kelle Jeffrey, Debbie Kendrick, Maria Martinez, Joyce Schornick, Cassie Berthold, Tletta Cathey, Brandy Peters, Elisha Bridgers, Rodney Strutton, Chandra Gonzalez, Wade Hampton, Angela Pizana, Bobby Cook, Carrie Ridley, Devera Albertson, Lynda Moore, LeeAnn Millan, Diane Peckenpaugh, Tabitha Sale, Allison Lovett, Sherri Lederer, Christie Stephenson, Angie Holthaus, Charlotte Lee, Kelly Henderson and Mike Whitt.

In new business:

Deighan recommended to the board to approve the encumbrance and authority to pay up to $5,000 from the building fund to repair or replace the unit in the high school amounted today.

Board President Eric Davis, said the reason it has to be today was because of the extended school year classroom.

“Those students cannot be relocated to another room,” Davis said.

The board approved the recommendation.

The next meeting of the Board of Education will take place at 6 p.m on Tuesday, July 13 at the Administration Building at 1706 W. Spruce in Duncan.

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