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During a special meeting of the Duncan Board of Education on June 22, the school board announced their completion of their five-year strategic plan in four years.

During a special meeting of the Duncan Board of Education on June 22, the school board announced their completion of their five-year strategic plan in four years.

School representatives gathered Monday night to discuss future steps they need to take in the upcoming school year. This included the five teams comprised under the five-year strategic plan, with each team taking on and reporting on separate goal areas under the plan.

According to Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan, both COVID-19 and the bond had a huge impact on Continuous School Improvement (CSI). 

The Duncan Public School’s Administrative Team discussed the CSI Scorecard for the Strategic Plan implementation for year four.

“We discovered a lot of things that came from the CSI process which began four years ago, that made this year possible,” Deighan said. “The process actually started five years ago, but it’s an amazing thing to have seen.”

Deighan introduced the plan and highlighted that, during the COVID-19 closure, DPS distributed 1,850 Chrome books and 900 hotspots to students and the Pre-K virtual participation averaged 152 logins weekly.

With a big deficit in their English Learning support, the team identified the need for more support.

Deighan said: “Through this, we’re going to increase our English Learning programs, Rosetta Stone and Imagine Learning.”

Groups for each school took a goal area to complete. 

In Goal Area One, the team gave their three main objectives: ACT prep - a pause was put on this, but everything is in place for next year;  STEM access; and increasing student achievement.

With these goals, they achieved Project Lead the Way implementation at all five elementary sites. The group brought on Tammy Bennett, STEM Coordinator, to provide instructional support to the teachers. They were able to hire instructional coaches and put standards-based grading systems in place on the Duncan Public School website.

In Goal Area Two, the team gave their two main objectives: to support and grow high quality teachers and staff and to recruit and retain quality teachers.

This team accomplished training, instructional coaching and support for their 0-3 teachers. This brings a 90% teacher retention rate with a goal of retention incentive reached with a 1% incentive to all staff, as well as 10 emergency certified teachers completing the certification process.

In Goal Area 3, the team’s main objectives included developing students’ and teachers’ abilities to demonstrate respectful behavior by creating a monthly activities framework. It also included developing a process to improve data collection and analysis of students behaviors, allowed for training content to occur with new teachers. They also administered climate surveys with teachers, students and parents in October and in March to learn about areas of concern and continue to foster community partnerships to provide family and student resources to enrich their lives and in turn become engaged in student learning. The group also focused on ESL classes, citizenship classes, the Gabriel’s House partnership and career pathways/community connection.

In Goal Area 4, the team accomplished their two main objectives: increasing technology allocation and aligning the financial budget with the strategic plan. In year two, the team achieved an increase in district technology, 1:1 use at each grade level and an upgrade to WiFi connections at secondary buildings.

In year three, they achieved 1:1 for grades 3-12.

In year four, they had an integration specialist continue to develop onlinecontent specific training for teachers; technology met the needs of the district; key technology, materials, and resources were included in DPS vision 2020; hotspots were purchased through a technology grant and each goal area received a budget.

In Goal Area 5, the team accomplished their three main objectives: to provide and to maintain clean, equitable, and well-repaired facilities; to provide and maintain safe and secure buildings/facilities; and facility upgrades.

The team continued to focus on school cleanliness and appearance. They contracted for lawn maintenance across the district. They completed year three of the maintenance cycle for carpet and tile. The team also finalized planning for future comprehensive Capital Investment Plan.

The school board completed 70% of their goals in the first year and their five year plan in four years. Most goals have been met or documented to show significant improvement.  

In other news, the board approved Encumbrance Reports and Property and Liability insurance for Fiscal Year 2020-2021 with the Oklahoma Schools Insurance Group (OSIG).

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