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Tax season is officially here and community members can now file for free via the Duncan Public Library (DPL) computers and online access.

DPL partnered with the Internal Revenue Services’ Volunteer Income Tax Assistant (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs which will offer free tax filing services to the community.

Although this year will look a bit different for those who need in-person help, the library will direct patrons to AARP representatives at Red River Technology Center where appointments are required.

DPL does have computers, Internet access, free Wifi and printing services available for those who need to file taxes. If you are filing your taxes, let the library know and they will allow extra time on the computer, as well as printing the tax forms.

Amy Ryker, Library Director, said with a household income of less than $72,000 in 2020, patrons can have access to e-file for free through the library’s partnership with the IRS.

People can e-file through the library’s website.

According to a release, “the IRS’s VITA and TCE assistance programs have been helping individuals and families file their taxes for decades.”

This year, the assistance will look a little different, rather than setting up in public places, assistance will be offered online with email support.

“We’re used to seeing IRS volunteers set up shop in public places around communities to help walk-ins, but that’s not as possible this year because of the pandemic,” Ryker said. “This tax season, assistance will be offered online along with email support to keep both volunteer and taxpayer safe. To reach as many eligible taxpayers as possible, the IRS has recruited libraries to provide access to an IRS-approved free file service.”

According to Ryker, the service is beyond keeping people safe amid a pandemic. There’s another reason the library wants to get the word out about the free file service: more families are looking at qualifying for the earned tax credit this year.

“The IRS tells us that more households than ever will qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) because of the shutdown, layoffs, and reduced working hours due to the pandemic,” Ryker said. “For many families, thanks to the EITC, any income tax refund may be the largest sum of money they see all year.”

For more about free tax filing, visit youseemore.com/Duncan/ and click the site map on the left side of the page to find the Free Tax Help link or call the library at 580-255-0636.

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