On Wednesday, Aug. 18, Duncan High School Principal Wade Hampton sent out a release to parents and guardians in the school district to discuss the new “Start on Time” program.

Hampton said the this is a free program made possible through a research grant with the University of Missouri.

“Duncan High Schools’ leadership team and the Duncan School Board of Education have approved participation in this transformative initiative,” Hampton said.

According to Hampton, the program will begin on Monday, Aug. 23.

“Teachers will consistently be greeting students at their classroom doors during class changes,” Hampton said. “In addition, student expectations are to be responsible and be on time for every class.”

Hampton said Duncan schools prioritizes safety first.

“The program’s framework is to diminish tardiness, eliminate bullying opportunities, foster a safe and positive environment, and improve instructional effectiveness,” Hampton said. “Safety in Duncan Schools is our priority and we encourage you to support our efforts and talk to your child about expectations for being to class on time.”

For more information about Duncan High’s Start on Time program, call the Duncan School District at 580-255-0700. For more information about the Duncan district and for resources for parents, visit the district website at https://www.duncanps.org/.

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