Duncan Public Schools (DPS) Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan took his few minutes at the Duncan Community Breakfast early Thursday morning to expound on some of the safety concerns in the district as of late.

“You know how when you go to the airport through TSA now and you can’t joke about the bomb?” he said. “You can’t do that in schools anymore either. That is a big issue now lately.”

Deighan said he was going to write a little more at length and share it with the community.

“There was a new bill that came in 2018 — I think it was Senate Bill 1150, I may be getting the number wrong (note: it is correct),” he said. “It requires us to report any threat to the police now. And it took us a year or so to figure out what ‘any’ meant and now … any means any.”

As schools across the state are having to take any and all threats seriously, it seem like a daunting task.

“We’ve been talking with the police chief, we’re meeting with the district attorney’s office soon and soon with the principals — how do you figure out what is the right mix for that?” Deighan said.

Deighan also spoke about the student threats reported on Wednesday.

“Yesterday’s incident … there was never any danger to students or staff at any time,” he said. “This is an example of the police and our staff based on people willing to come forward with information — which is always the key. This was more of a threat, and more of a hoax than it was anything else. But again just like in TSA you cannot joke about these things anymore in the United States of America.”

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