With the help of a grant and a few other organizations, many can engage in virtual learning this year.

Joy Billingsley, Administrative Assistant with the Duncan Area Literacy Council (DALC), said they appreciate everyone who helped make this happen for the students.

Billingsley said DALC is thankful for the provisions provided that allowed people to enjoy virtual learning on new Chromebooks provided by the Digital Inclusion Grant from the Cares Act 2020.

“The application process took place last summer and we purchased items as needed for our students to learn,” Billingsley said. “We purchased portals from Facebook, Chromebooks and a  ring light for tutors to record lessons.”

According to Billingsley, students and adults ages 15 and older can participate in these services.

Services are provided by Duncan Area Literacy Council (DALC) and the Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL), funded by the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS) and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security (CARES Act 2020).

“This has been a slow process because training is involved for both students and tutors on the equipment that is being used,” Billingsley said. “We are getting there and it is working out really well.”

According to Billingsley, the grant is for equipment for both students and tutors to use.

DALC offers free services to anyone, 15 years and older, who wants to learn basic literacy skills, take their GED, learn English as a second language (ESL) or Citizenship. 

To participate in services offered, contact DALC and set up and appointment.

DALC can be reached at 580-736-1170 or via email at dalc73533@gmail.com.

Duncan Area Literacy Council is located at 2300 Country Club Road and the Duncan Public Library is located at 3785 US-81 in Duncan. 

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