Stephens County Commissioners convene at the Stephens County Courthouse for their regularly scheduled meeting.

Due to the holiday, Stephens County Commissioners met Tuesday for a regular meeting during which they approved reports, as well as conducted regularly scheduled business.

In Chairman Russell Morgan’s absence, Vice Chair Kreg Murphree conducted the board meeting.

The Board discussed to adopt a resolution regarding the account for the Governmental Building Authority Jail Maintenance and Operations – Fund Name “Donations,” Requisition Department “General Government” for the purpose of clarifying the fund name and resolving allowable expenditures and departmental approval.

Jenny Moore said they are splitting it, so there is a county donations fund and the sheriff’s donations fund.

“This is clarifying that the Governmental Building Authority fund is still under commissioners’ department approval,” Moore said.

The Board approved the resolution.

Following the resolution, the board approved a Transfer of Funds for the residual balance transfer between the County Donation Fund and the Sheriff Donation Fund.

“The fund that was ‘donations’ that had county donations and sheriff together — now there’s two funds,” Moore said. “This is just to move all the accounts sheriff into the sheriff donations fund.”

With a breakdown of the accounts, the funds will move to the appropriate spot.

“It’s one fund for all the monies, but it’s broken down by account,” Moore said. “The exact account with the balance is moving to the appropriate fund.”

The Board then opened bids at 9:45 a.m. for discussion to award the lowest and best bid for the purchase of one used 2003 or newer tanker/pumper fire truck to either be delivered to Bray Volunteer Fire Department or picked up by a representative of the Bray Volunteer Fire Department.

Due to the proper paperwork not being submitted by parties, the board took no action on the bids this week and will revisit the item with a re-bid at a later meeting.

The county leadership also approved two cooperative agreements for the purpose of making conservation works of improvement to diminish erosion and siltation of right-of-way. In both, the county will remove trees and perform ditch work in district three.

In other Commissioner news, the board approved:

• County officer monthly reports for September 2020.

• The cash fund estimate of needs and requests for appropriations.

• The allocation of Alcoholic Beverage Tax and Motor Vehicle Collections for September 2020.

• Court Clerk Records Management and Preservation Monthly Report for September 2020.

• Two rental agreements for the use of the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center rooms and arenas. The first was for the use of the Territory Hall for a reunion event on Nov. 26; the second was for use of the harvest room for a Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 26.

The Stephens County Commissioners meeting will convene again at 9:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 19 in their office of the Stephens County Courthouse, located at 101 S. 11th Street.

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