The board of commissioners hosted the quarterly meeting for the elected officials in the courthouse where they went over some of the checks and balances and security reminders. They were going to meet with the county’s Aflac Representative to review the forms required for the County’s upcoming Open Enrollment period for insurance. However, the rep was unable to attend and the board will reschedule this for the employees.

The commissioners also discussed the Stephens County Fairgrounds alcoholic beverages concession agreement.

Stephanie Robinson, assistant district attorney, said the contract was updated to reflect the changed alcohol laws that had gone into effect.

“I can go over a couple of the changes that I made just so everybody’s clear,” she said. “We weren’t as specific as far as what type of license we are requiring from ABLE (Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement) Commission because in talking with ABLE there is a variety of licenses that would be appropriate in certain circumstances.”

Robinson basically said the license is determined by the type of event and what they are serving.

They also clarified some tax paperwork for events that are not serving alcoholic beverages.

“Also … with the elimination of low point beer — we took out any references to low point beer but what is being allowed as far as ‘alcoholic beverages’ and what alcoholic beverages is referencing within this contract,” she said. “Anything that could be sold or provided under a beer and wine license by ABLE. The easiest way the ABLE Commission explained this was … is if you can buy it at WalMart typically that is going to be covered under the beer and wine license. So if it something you have to go to a liquor store … that is not allowed and mixed drinks is not allowed.”

The board approved the changes to the contract. They did state some issues for event holders could be brought to the board and possibly amended so long as they follow procedure and start the paper work at least 30 days in advance.

In other news the board:

• acknowledged a letter from the Oklahoma Cooperative Circuit Engineering District Board awarding $4,200.00 to District #1 and $2,500.00 to District #3 from the DEQ Solid Waste Program to be used for illegal dump clean up on county road right-of-ways or for trash roll off charges for Fiscal Year 2020.

• Approved a Cooperative Agreement for the purpose of making conservation works of improvement to diminish erosion and siltation of right-of-way between Stephens County and Ryan Stuart.

• approved four rental contracts for the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center.

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