Commissioners convened for their second week back at the courthouse for a regularly scheduled meeting Monday, June 29.

The Stephens County Commissioners returned to the Stephens County Courthouse on June 29 for their regularly scheduled meeting, where phone systems and air conditioning units became the main points of discussion.

To continue with old business, the board returned to the topic of the current phone system, which was installed by Telecomp at the Courthouse.

According to Jenny Moore, County Clerk, the phone systems work inside the courthouse, but the signal between the courthouse and Telecomp isn’t working correctly.

“They did put the new switches in and were able to get on there and see what was going on — they’ve discovered and tracked it … Basically inside the courthouse, everything is working as it should, but once the signal leaves the courthouse and goes to Telecomp, there’s a problem between Telecomp and going here and here and going there. It’s Telecomp that will find out what the problem is, but because of the report they generated, they think that’s going to help Telecomp figure out what’s going on.”

The board decided to wait and table this again for next week and discuss further the options.

Air conditioning bids also took the spotlight during the meeting as commissioners approved the purchase of two new RTU 20-ton units from Davis Air for $49,667. The bid includes complete and operational rooftop units with three phase, air conditioning and gas heating systems. The units will be delivered to the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office. 

On the same topic, the board also approved a quarterly quote with Caldwell Mechanic for $800 for air conditioning and heating maintenance for the Health Department for fiscal year 2020-2021.

In other news the board:

• Declared two 20-ton Trane A/C units installed in the jail when the facility was built as surplus.

• Adopted a resolution for disposing of the two units, which have ran since 2002 and are to be junked.

• Adopted programming resolutions for Stephens County projects for Stephens County bridges, which include bridges at Black Bear Creek, Sandy Bear Creek, Little Beaver, Stage Stand Creek, East Cow Creek, Wildhorse Creek, and Negro Creek for the Stephens County CIRB (County Improvements for Roads and Bridges) five year plan.

• Approved two cooperative agreements. The first looks to improve and diminish erosion and siltation of right-of-way between Jesus A. Alvarez and Stephens County. The County will remove trees, stack brush on the landowner’s property and blade bar ditches for approximately one mile along the north and east boundary of Section 3, Township 1 North, Range 5 West District #1. The second will look to improve and diminish erosion and dilation of right-of-way between Steven Ely and Stephens County. The County will blade fence row for approximately two-tenths mile along the west boundary of Section 1, Township 1 North, Range 8 West in District #1.

The Stephens County Commissioners will convene again at 9:30 a.m. Monday, July 6 in their office of the Stephens County Courthouse, located at 101 S. 11th Street.

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