COMANCHE — In a regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the Comanche Public Works Authority approved an adjustment to electric fuel costs that will last until March 2021 to help Comanche Power customers with their bill.
The treasurer’s report for Public Works showed the budget looks good with positive numbers for the month and year.
Trustees of the Authority heard from City Manager Chuck Ralls, who discussed the action regarding rates and fees for the city’s electric service. He said the city will receive a 2.5% rate cut for this upcoming year on the electric.
“I would like to take a portion of that and give it back to our customers and I don’t want to go in necessarily and amend our rate schedule, but one of the things we can do is lock in our fuel cost adjustments,” Ralls said. “We typically have three to five cents per month as a fuel cost adjustment and I would like to take it down to one penny and lock it in until March. I feel like that would give our citizens some relief, especially through the holiday season and coming into spring. It is as a good faith.”
Mayor Smokey Dobbins asked if the new rate would go in effect January 2021, but the fuel cost adjustment will go into effect on the Nov. 30, 2020, billing cycle and extend through March 2021.
Ralls said they will look at how much the costs will help customers and effect the city. He said they may have the option to give more savings, but they will revisit that closer to March.
Dobbins said he prefer the rates increase at all and was okay with the adjustment. He made the motion to lock in the fuel cost adjustment through the March billing cycle.
In other Comanche Public Works Authority news:
• The board gave employees a one time salary adjustment.
• Trustees approved to cancel a contract on the recommendation of City Manager Ralls and the city attorney for the upgraded chemical optimization program at the water plant. 
The final Public Works meeting of the year will take place at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 15 at Comanche City Council Chambers, located at 500 North Rodeo Drive.

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