The Comanche Public Works Authority and the City of Comanche met for a special meeting on Tuesday, July 21 during which they approved their budgets for the fiscal year 2019-20.

COMANCHE -- Comanche City Council heard about some property updates in the regular business of their November 2020 meeting.

In the treasurer’s report for regular city council meeting, City Manager Chuck Ralls said sales tax collections are down, which has caused some accounts to go in the red but overall the city is in the black for cash balance.

With a 5-0 vote, council approved the consent agenda and moved on to the discussion items including an update on a few properties discussed in October’s meeting and some that have just came to the city’s attention.

The City Attorney told council and Ralls they needed to declare the property located at 1200 Texas Avenue as surplus to be able to donate the land to Scissor Tail Meat Company, LLC.

Council voted 5-0 to designate the property as surplus and then approved the contract immediately to transfer the property to the new company before moving to another action item at 200 Oak Main.

The Byford Estate reached out to City Manager Ralls to possibly offer some property located for public utilities for the Main Street area and he reported to the council what his thoughts were.

There was also a freezer at another property that was available for the Nutrition Center, however Ralls said they were able to get a new freezer already and said there was no need for the one offered by the estate.

“I expressed some interest on behalf of the city that we might be interested in some of the property and contents in the building for prosperity sake because he had a lot of relics and things like that,” Ralls said. “At that time of the meeting, we had no prospects of a freezer for the Nutrition Center and they had one that was brand new and she was willing to part with it for $3,500. Since then, the county was able to acquire one for us. We have a new one, we could always get a second one, but they run $5,500-$5,600 so $3,500 would be a great price. More specifically, the property that is located at the corner of Second and Main -- the lot across the Dr. Pepper mural is owned by them. She indicated that the property was acquired for $20,000 and they would be looking to get that much out of it. I advised they probably would not get that, however we would consider it at a lower price and an accompanying tax donation certificate if they were willing to do a donation of any part of that.”

Ralls asked if the council was interested and they said the plan was to put public bathrooms if they could and they would go to the community for donations for improvements if they need repairs.

Council ended up deciding to forgo on getting the freezer. The board also set an offer “max” for the property at $3,000. Ralls said he would make the offer and see what they say.

The next Comanche City Council meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 15 at Comanche City Chambers.

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