Gerghaty and Family

Cne’ Geraghty stands with family after serving 11 years as council member for the City of Comanche. She officially resigned in the July 2021 meeting.

COMANCHE — After 11 years of service to the City of Comanche, the council accepted the resignation of councilwoman Cne’ Geraghty effective July 14, 2021.

Geraghty, who was the Ward IV councilwoman for the city of Comanche, moved away from the ward she represented into a new ward of the city of Comanche.

City Manager Chuck Ralls ,after the approval of the consent agenda, moved to the first discussion item which was the resignation of Geraghty as council member.

Other council members joked about not accepting her resignation before a motion was made and voted on 4-0 to accept the resignation with Ralls then stepping up to make a statement.

“Mr. Mayor, if I may, I have a couple of things. First is a citation of congratulations on behalf of the Oklahoma Municipal League and the State of Oklahoma,” Ralls said. “It is executed by Rep. Marcus McEntire for their appreciation of the service for the last 11 years. I will not read all of this but it essentially goes through all the great accomplishments that you have done in your time at City Council.”

Ralls handed the citation and also an award from Oklahoma Municipal League in the for of a plaque for serving over 10 years of service to a city.

The last thing Ralls presented to Geraghty was a key to the City of Comanche. He said he was very appreciative of the service that Geraghty had for the 11 years on council.

After taking photos with her family and City Manager Ralls, Geraghty thanked everyone in attendance and said she was happy to serve and she will be involved now as a citizen of Comanche.

With the resignation, council will make a decision in the future about whether to fill the seat until the next election cycle or call for a special election.

The next items on the agenda included actions in regards to grant applications for the new fiscal year and awarding grants that they have won recently.

Grants that they have applied for include the REAP Grant and the 80/20 grant for community fire assistance for new gear for Comanche Fire Department.

Council also approved the USDA grant they received to spend up to $37,800 to build new bathrooms for the rodeo grounds and Comanche Lake.

Ralls said the grant amounted to $28,300 and they will pay a $9,500 match from the City of Comanche to get the project started.

Before adjourning the regular City Council meeting, Ralls wanted to clarify the ambulance service issue that has been going around Stephens County.

Ralls stated Comanche will be covered in the new agreement with Survival Flight in the ambulance services as of Aug. 1 and there will be no lapse of services.

Council then turned their attention to the Public Works Authority meeting where they discussed the previous fiscal year with revenues not coming in like expected.

Ralls stated in the treasurer’s report that only 85% of the revenues they accounted for came in and said later in the meeting they were going to discuss what might need to be done to make up the 15%.

After approving the consent agenda, the only item that needed a vote was for action regarding a replacement or repair of the south Second Street lift station generator.

Ralls stated the lift station was struck by lightening in a previous storm and that the repairs will cost $6,853.33 but to be on the safe side they wanted to get some backups purchased.

The total cost approved was $8,853.33 as the backups were going to cost $2,000. It was approved with a 4-0 vote to make the repairs of the lift station generator and buy the replacements.

Coming back to the final discussion item, Ralls showed that CPI rates were high for the 2021 fiscal year and expects costs to be passed upon to the City of Comanche and Public Works Authority.

Ralls made it a point that rates haven’t been increased in Comanche since 2017 and said he is conducting a rate study through a third party to discuss the possibility of needing to raise so the Public Works Authority won’t run out of money.

One of the council members asked when the study results would be available and Ralls said it could be up to three months but hopes to have something to Council about the results of the study.

Comanche City Council will host its next meeting at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 10 at Council Chambers, located at 500 North Rodeo Drive, Comanche.

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