It’s time to gear up for summer and beat the heat filling these upcoming months with fun and laughter amid a global pandemic.

While the nation remains in reopening phases, summer is here and the heat index will continue to climb.

In a recent poll, Banner staff asked readers and nonreaders alike in the greater Stephens County area how they will spend their summer days — inside with air-conditioning or outdoors in the summer sun? Staff also included other activity options in the poll.

Results indicate 39.1% of voters will remain inside, 26.1% said you can find them relaxing by the pool, 21.7% said they will hit the lake or the beach, 8.7% said they love camping in the summer and 4.3% had other plans.

For those who decide staying in from the heat or keeping to their own yard while COVID-19 remains in the area is best, staff thought of some summer fun-filled activities for anyone needing to fill time or entertain their children.

“Frozen” themed silly putty

The first project includes creating “Frozen” themed silly putty. It only takes one bottle of clear school glue, the same amount of water, one-half teaspoon of borax, one-half cup of hot water, a few sprinkles of silver and blue glitter and some drops of blue food coloring to make the magic putty.

First, add the glue to the bowl. Fill the glue bottle with water and add to the bowl before mixing well. Add a few sprinkles of glitter and mix again. In a separate cup, add one-half cup of hot water and stir. Add one-half teaspoon Borax to the water and stir until dissolved. Pour this solution into the original bowl with the glue and the water, then watch the magic unfold. 

DIY sponge bombs

The second project centers around crazy, colorful and creative DIY sponge bombs, though the end creation will need to go outside for playtime. All that’s needed is six to eight multicolor sponges, cotton string and scissors.

First, cut each sponge lengthwise into four pieces. Take the four sponge pieces and lay them side by side. Then, stack four more directly on top of them. Take a piece of string and tie around all sponge pieces. Make sure to pull the string very tight and knot it. Cut off excess string.

Now, dip those DIY sponge bombs into water buckets and use them to have a super soaker water fight.


Tamara Gregor is a feature and education reporter for The Duncan Banner. To contact her, email or call 580-255-5354 Ext. 133.

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