The Morija Girls Rocket Programme

The Morija Girls Rocket Programme (SIC) students and their teacher Jonathon “Jon” Suttle will soon have this picture in space. Here they are showing off their project of a full-scale model of a liquid-fueled rocket engine.

Not many can brag that they have been to space or even their photo has been to space, but one all-girls’ high school in Lesotho, Africa will do just that.

The students have a connection to Duncan as their teacher is a native Duncanite.

Jonathon “Jon” Suttle, Duncan High School alumni, is the son of Mark and Loretta Suttle and grandson to Don and Cecelia Dowhower and Bill and Lorene Suttle.

Jon is currently serving in the U.S. Peace Corps as a math and physics teacher at the school.

“This class was honored to have his class’s photo selected by Firefly Aerospace of Cedar Park, Texas, to be part of their DREAMS payload program,” his aunt Beth Honan Fischer said. “Jonathon’s class’s photo is one among 27 photos and projects from seven countries to be launched into space aboard their new Alpha Rocket in early 2020.”

The photo in space will help him connect his students to their lessons.

“Jonathon established the ‘Morija Girls Rocket Programme(SIC),’ in which the girls have been learning about the purpose of rockets and the application of math and science in designing rocket engines,” she said. “He recently worked with the students to engineer and build a full-scale model of a liquid-fueled rocket engine. Beyond math and science, the girls designed the rocket paint job and club logo and wrote a poem about the program that was attached to the back of their class photo.”

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