City of Duncan opted to continue participation with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) for pre-existing lake gauging stations at Lake Fuqua and Lake Humphreys.

City Manager Kim Meek said USGS operates the lake gauging stations, which were approved and installed years ago. The lake-gauging program in Duncan began around March 1, 2013.

“These have proven to be valuable tools for monitoring the lake levels at both lakes,” Meek said. “The gauging station data is continuously uploaded to a web page maintained by USGS. The web page is used by staff to collect and report lake levels. This gauging station has greatly improved accuracy and efficiency in collecting this data.”

The total fee for continued operation for 2020 totals $9,800 at $4,900 for each lake.

Fuqua and Humphreys are both monitored because they are the two water providing lakes in the Duncan area and are used as a backup to Waurika Lake.

The contract total stayed the same year to year and USGS states in the program description they will operate and maintain long-term records on a cooperative basis with City of Duncan.

To see the lake gauging reports, visit for Humphreys or for Fuqua.

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