Todd Churchman, County Commissioner district two.

Incumbent Todd Churchman won over Johnny Wilkinson Tuesday evening in the Primary Republican Election for the position of County Commissioner District 2. Churchman will now move on to face Independent challenger and former District 2 Commissioner Lonnie Estes in the November election.

Churchman garnered 1,375 votes at 58.59% while challenger Wilkinson only earned 972 votes at 41.41%.

Churchman said he was happy to earn the Republican nomination.

“I’m humbled for the support and that sort of thing,” Churchman said. “I just always tried to do what was right here.”

Following the Tuesday evening election, Churchman said it was back to the grindstone early Wednesday.

“I don’t worry about elections,” Churchman said. “I get up, I go to work and when the election happens, I deal with it as it comes … my job is to serve and that’s what I do.”

Churchman will take on Estes on the November ballot. Estes has served previously as Commissioner for Stephens County District 2.

In his bid for candidacy, Estes explained why he changed from Republican to Independent.

“I have been a Republican all my life, but have recently changed to Independent so that every registered voter in District 2 can vote,” Estes said. “Every person should be able to vote for an elected individual, and I feel that county should be a nonpartisan race. County elected officials do not make law, they follow law handed down by federal and state government. I plan to uphold state statutes, as well as allow other elected officials to add items to the agenda.”

Tamara Gregor contributed to this story.

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