An informative training will come to Duncan on Saturday to help spread awareness to school-aged children about life saving techniques.

The free awareness and life saving seminar will take place for elementary kids, as well as middle school and high school kids on June 18 at Powerhouse Academy in Duncan.

Aubrey Spivey, co-owner of Lucas Martial Arts and TapOut Fitness in Duncan, said since previous happenings, child safety has weighed heavy on their hearts and they hope to provide a little more safety and awareness to families.

“After the continuous attacks on our children at schools, hospitals, community events and especially after the latest string of attacks, our hearts have been extremely heavy,” Spivey said. “For days after the latest Uvalde shooting, I woke in the middle of the night with such a strong feeling that our children are not prepared to deal with the horrid events this world has endured in the recent years.”

Elementary students will sign up from 1-2 p.m. and middle and high school students will sign up from 2:30-4 p.m.

Spivey said they want any child interested to receive this training and a child does not need to be affiliated with a school district to attend.

“Any child, any where,” she said. “Even home schooled is welcomed and encouraged to attend.”

She said through recent events, their team has been led to launch a free seminar for school-aged kids.

“After much prayer and feeling as though God gave us a calling to do what we can, we have decided to put on a free seminar for school aged students, kindergarten to sigh school,” Spivey said.

Spivey said the seminar will help bring an awareness, as well as safety tips to students, providing them with different situations of which to be aware.

Over the course of the event, several of the situational trainings will be taught by a Ben Lucas of Lucas Martial Arts, a third degree black belt instructor. There will also be life saving lessons taught by Ashley and Scott Meadows, local paramedics.

Spivey said the Meadows also lead CPR classes on occasion.

“We do ask that parents pre-sign up their child to ensure enough space, instructors and training materials for each child,” she said. “Parents are absolutely allowed and encouraged to stay for the seminar as well.”

For more information about the training event and signing up a child, contact Spivey via phone or text at 580-475-2703.

Powerhouse Academy is located at 1206 N. Highway 81, Duncan.

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