This Tuesday, June 30, the community will go to the polls to vote in numerous elections, including a municipal one in the City of Duncan.

Brad Bull and Nick Fischer are both up for election and will compete for the Ward 2 Council position as voters head to cast their ballots early Thursday through Saturday, mail-in their ballots or vote in person at polls Tuesday. Both Fischer and Bull appeared on a Chamber Live segment Monday morning to discuss their concerns and issues as they head into election day.

Brad Bull comes from having 17 years of involvement with community. Bull, a U.S. Army Veteran, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was recruited by Halliburton. Bull moved to Duncan in 2003.

Bull said he “loves the community, love the amenities and the people we’ve met here — it’s our home.”

Bull has kids in the Duncan Public School system and is involved with a variety of organizations around the community, such as First United Methodist Church in leadership positions. He has taken part in the Leadership Duncan Class 2021, serves on the United Way Board and worked with Christians Concerned as well as becoming involved in project management at Halliburton.

Nick Fischer, an outside investor, brings six years of attending council meetings to the table. He came to Duncan about 10 years ago and now serves on the Parks Advisory Board and the Duncan Enhancement Trust Authority. He is also a small business owner.

“I will spend money like I earned this money … I will spend it in the best way possible and try to maximize what we get out of that particular dollar,” Fischer said. “This is not a one time thing for me … to run for city council. I’ve been actively involved for six years.”

Fischer comes before voters with plans, should he be elected to office.

“I’m looking at a long five-year plan to increase the appearance on the Eastside of the railroad tracks on main street,” Fischer said. “We come together and get a major plan to start cleaning up the town. Being chairman of the Parks Advisory board, we’ve made a lot of effort … (and) progress on cleaning up our parks and some places look really, really nice,” Fischer said.

Though Bull said he has no set agenda if he is elected into office, he does believe some of the plans set awhile ago are dated and need to be updated.

With the many facilities available in Duncan, Bull said he wants to focus on the good the city has.

He said he wants to spend time “working with people in town to make sure those are well known and well communicated” and focus on “encouraging communication and activity.”

Bulls said he wants to “make sure our organizations are actively using the available means” and wants to showcase “the wonderful amenities we have for families and children.”

Fischer, on the other hand, wants to have everyone working toward the same goal.

“We need all ships to sail in the same direction,” Fischer said. “We can always up our game. That is my goal as an outside investor … the things I look at and what I see, we can make this a very showplace city … I am vested in this town.”

The candidates look to reach out to the public and seek ways to engage them.

Bull said he would lean on those in the community who have the social media and advertising experience. 

“I would primarily be a cheerleader and facilitator,” Bull said. “We have professionals who are far more savvy at social media and advertising.”

Fischer believes advertisement and promoting Duncan would be beneficial and fully supports it.

After six years of attending Duncan City Council, Fischer said he would like to see citizen concerns put on the agendas and addressed at council meetings.

“That’s the type of leadership I’ll bring,” Fischer said.

Bull said he will “primarily be doing a lot more learning and listening.”

“I walk in without a preformed agenda if at all possible, listen to what we’re currently doing, why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it and then adjust fire as needed,” Bull said.

With growth and expansion, the candidates expressed their feelings on the growth of the city.

Fischer said growth is imperative and targeting it the right way should be a top priority.

“We have room to grow, we need to get on the line, we need to contact these companies,” Fischer said. “This is urgent property here.”

Bull said he would like to take on how he can help by “improving infrastructure and aesthetics to more people to shop here” because Duncan “definitely has value and the opportunity to bring more businesses in.”

Candidates addressed communication, outreach and bringing the community together. Each one addressed their plan to embrace the community to move in a direction together.

Bull said he finds one-on-one discussions to be incredibly helpful for people.

“I think that helps see the other person’s person, that helps people get aware of the things they’re not aware of,” Bull said.  “Getting involved, individually talking with people and participating in a class like Leadership Duncan is the most powerful way to get people involved in the community.”

Fischer said he would help “to engage the individual” by inviting them to Council.

“Get engaged, be part of your city, take ownership of your city,” Fischer said. 

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