Voters showed up to the various precincts across Stephens County during election day Tuesday to approve or deny bond questions for both Velma-Alma and Empire and select a new councilperson for City of Marlow.

Both Empire Public School propositions passed with 80 percent of the vote in approval for the measures.  The first proposition totals $995,000, which will be used to put an Ag Barn on the campus and continue adding covered walkways throughout the district. The second proposition is a transportation bond totaling $185,000, and a bonus bus will come with the deal. 

The first proposition was approved by 81 percent of the vote with a total of 139 voters turning out. The second passed with 80 percent though a total of 141 voters appeared for the election.

Velma-Alma Public Schools was also a two proposition winner with over 85 percent for both measures. 

The first totals $505,000 and will serve to renovate and remodel the 69-year-old auditorium at the school while also tackling other areas on the campus like the field house and the football field house and their restrooms and showers. Additionally, security cameras for classes and the bus fleet will also be obtained. The second proposition totals $260,000 and will be used to purchase vehicles for student transportation. 

Proposition one passed with 92 percent of the vote with a total of 239 submitting ballots while proposition two passed with 89 percent with a total of 238 voters submitting ballots. 

The City of Marlow election for Ward 2 seat of the city council went to Neal Moore with 53 percent of the vote. A total of 54 votes were cast between absentee, early and election day voting.  This race was only open to the residents of Ward 2. 

These results were gathered from the  Oklahoma Elections website and are not considered the official results. Those will be released after verification by the Stephens County Election Board. 

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