During the regular meeting of the Board of Stephens County Commissioners Monday morning, Russell Morgan, district 3, said the fairgrounds were going to get a jump on inventory. During new business Stephanie Robinson, assistant district attorney, said there may be law suits which name the board.

One of the last items of every meeting is Morgan, the fairgrounds commissioner, giving an update of the facility.

Right now the fairgrounds is looking to update the Internet capacity of the fairgrounds as many of the large events like the Fall Classic or the PRCA Rodeo live broadcast events. The proposals will be brought to the board at the up coming meeting.

“It slows down some between here and Christmas and then picks right back up but we’ve got some projects we need to get done,” Morgan said.

One of these is making sure the inventory is up to date with the new purchase — such as the new panels, and making sure older items have legible serial numbers. Morgan’s office staff found a special printer so they could make some of the tags in-house instead of having to order them.

During new business Robinson said an oil and gas company had been starting law suits against land owners and had named county commissioners also.

“There have been a lot of law suits filed from Targa Pipeline in their condemnation proceedings,” she said. “They have named the commissioners and the treasurer in all of them just to kind of cover the bases. I have been busy responding to all these law suits but I have been in contact with Jimmy Pryor because really the main thing that we’re worried about is just that they are compiling with our permit process as far as our easements and our right-of-ways are concerned. I just wanted to make sure you guys were aware that was going on.”

According to the Legal Information Institute as part of the Cornell Law School, a “condemnation suit” is “a lawsuit brought by a public agency to acquire private property for public purposes (schools, highways, parks, hospitals, redevelopment, civic buildings, for example), or even for private development that has a public benefit (rare). While the government has the right to acquire the private property (eminent domain), the owner is entitled under the Constitution to receive just compensation for the loss of his land, which will be determined by a court if necessary.”

Robinson said Targa Pipeline named the property owners but also named the treasurer in case there is taxes owned and the commissioners in case there is an easement.

“It’s all based on the installation of pipeline across these private landowners property,” she said. “Nothing concerning as far as the county is concerned. It’s happening in Grady and in Stephens so I am just getting a response filed and I am just asking that they contact Mr. Pryor.”

In other news the board approved:

• A donation of approximately 10-12 loads of gravel from Cheyenne Petroleum on behalf of Stephens County District #1 to be applied to N 3040 E. 1720 – 1730 RD.

• A donation of 10 loads of gravel from Cheyenne Petroleum on behalf of Stephens County District #2 to be applied to CR 3020.

• Request for appointment to fill a vacancy of the position and Office of Court Clerk. Stephens County Court Clerk, Dana Blevins is retiring effective Dec. 31, 2019, the motion appointed first deputy Melody Harper until it is time for filing for the elected position.

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