Hillcrest box

The “Blessing Box” is now open in Hillcrest Park.

To help spread the blessings to all in the area, the First United Methodist Church (FUMC) constructed a “Blessing Box” in Hillcrest Park. 

The Blessing Box was dedicated Nov. 24 by several members of the church.

A Blessing Box is a lot like the “Little Library” idea, as people have needs they come to the box and get items, as people find they have more to spare they can leave items. All anonymously said Cheryl Dowell, from FUMC. 

“Everything from non-perishable food items and toiletries can be found in a blessing box,” she said. “These items help fill a short-term need for those who don’t always have access to them. Blessing boxes are a low cost way to help our Duncan Community.” 

The group hopes this inspires other groups to put up Blessing Boxes in other areas of town too. 

“Although the sign on the box has a small cross and flame we’d really not want this to be considered a ‘religious’ box,” Dowell said. “We simply want it to be a blessing for someone in need.” 

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