MARLOW — The Marlow City Council hit a bump in the renovation project of the Public Safety Facility after councilmen for ward one, Joe Marcano, brought up some issues he had with the decision to use a “construction management delivery system.”

The item was to award WW Builders as the management of the project as they were the only bid.

Marcano, who works for the Army Corps of Engineers, said the way the state law was written to do this kind of management he did not believe the city met the requirement. He lodged his disagreement with the selection process in the original September council meeting by voting “no.”

The item he was in contention with was the requirement the project “was specialized or complex in nature.”

“I am opposed to this, because there is no way, even by the most liberal interpretations, that we’ve met the threshold the State of Oklahoma requires for us to enter into this type of contract,” he said.

The state requires in order to use a “construction management delivery system” for a project the company must be 1. able to handle a specialized or complex aspect of a project, 2. on the state approved list and 3. within the budget of the project.

“So the problem is the way we set it up is of course they (the company) are the only bidder,” Marcano said. “The way we set it up, even by our own discussion, was that it was either going to be them or Timberlake … so we set it up to where only they could bid on it and effectively shut out all the smaller competitors they would have.”

This wasn’t about the people, it was the process.

“I take no issue with WW Builders, they are an outstanding organization. I’ve got friends there who I respect a lot,” he continued. “The problem I have is that we shut out all their smaller competitors and the reason we said we were doing that is because we didn’t like the performance of one of their competitors five years ago. The irony is we think this is the type of project delivery that we have to have and that’s it. If we would have done this last year, check me on this, but I don’t even believe WW Builders would have been on the list.”

Marcano said even if they had just searched for a regular contractor the only bid would probably still be WW Builders, however for him it just wasn’t fair on public money to not allow smaller businesses to try for the contract.

Jason McPherson, city administrator, said if the council voted “no” against the item, he would go back and redo the proposal as they asked and it “probably wouldn’t cause much delay” in the project.

The vote came to a tie as Chris Ward, ward four, was absent, this killed the measure and McPherson will re-do the proposal.

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