Marlow Police Chief Leroy Walker said Wednesday one of his officers helped a lady who was able to stop a potential kidnapping of her five-week-old child and vehicle the previous evening.

Walker said the incident occurred around 8 p.m. Tuesday at a local diner in Marlow when 32-year-old Johnathan Sexton (SIC) allegedly tried to steal the vehicle at the diner.

According to Walker’s report, Sexton had been in the Marlow area for several days and had warrants out of Tulsa County.

Interviews conducted by the Marlow Police Chief indicated the lady was leaving the restaurant and put her  child in the vehicle in the backseat while talking to a family member. Sexton allegedly took the chance to enter the vehicle and attempted to drive away when the lady jumped in front of the vehicle to prevent the suspect from leaving the parking lot.

The lady, according to Walker, told Sexton that he could take the van but couldn’t take the baby and that is when, according to Walker, Sexton looked in the backseat to see the baby and decided to leave the car.

It was at that time Marlow Officer Tim Fitzpatrick arrived as the first on the scene and cornered Sexton, who tried to take off, at Second Street and Legion Drive.

Fitzpatrick apprehended Sexton and transported him to Stephens County Jail. Sexton had his initial appearance at the Stephens County Courthouse on Wednesday, July 14.

During his appearance, Sexton was charged with felony larceny of an automobile and if convicted can face 3-10 years in prison or a fine of anywhere up to $50,000.

Sexton’s bond is set at $75,000. He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing conference at 9 a.m. Sept. 8, 2021.

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