Nancy and Tommy Lawson

Nancy and Tommy Lawson

Nancy and Tommy Lawson have been married for 50 years all because of a chance meeting at Dairy Queen in Comanche.

“One night, both of us pulled up at the Dairy Queen down in Comanche,” said Nancy Lawson. “He had a Corvette and he asked me to go riding and I did. I told him I was in love with his Corvette.”

Lawson said they had their first date Nov. 19, 1965.

The pair had known each other from school. Both are from Comanche.

They were married Feb. 19, 1966, and Lawson said she put a lot of effort into the wedding.

She borrowed the wedding dress from her cousin and had to extend it. She added lace, flowers and beads to finish it.

She also made the bridesmaid dresses and got inventive to create the popular pillbox hat of the day by making them out of oatmeal boxes, covered in material with netting.

“Of all things, the photographer forgot and didn’t show up to my wedding,” she said.  “So all we have is just a few snapshots.”

Two months after the marriage Tommy Lawson left with the United States Military, and they didn’t see each other until July. After that a series of moves and stations left little time for the newlyweds.

“Our first year of marriage, we only had about three months together,” said Lawson.

Their first child Scotty was born in February and after he was born the family moved to Washington state.

Lawson said they lived in a “little-bitty” two room hotel room but they enjoyed taking drives and visiting Mt. Raineer.

The family then moved briefly back to Oklahoma before heading to Maryland, where their second child Kandee was born.

“My mother came up to help me with her and when she was two weeks old, we took her to Washington D.C. to tour (the city),” said Lawson.

At the time, Kandee was on the register at the Capitol building as the youngest visitor ever to visit.

In 1969, Tommy Lawson was discharged from the military and the family moved between Duncan and Colorado a few times before settling in Duncan.

When Kandee and Scott were 10 and 11 years old, Lawson said they had a lot of love to give and their family grew.

“We decided we would adopt special children,” she said. “We adopted an 18-month-old boy and three years later we adopted a 4-year-old girl.”

As for marriage, Lawson said it takes a lot to make it work and it starts with a strong foundation. This foundation came from quality family time.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but one thing about it is we always did everything with our children,” she said.

When asked what one of her favorite memories with Tommy was, she laughed and said, “All of them.”

They have four children including Kandee Lawson, Scotty Lawson, Rocki Lawson and Paul Lawson.

They have five grandchildren, Amber, Vijill, Rhiannon, Courtney and twins Stormy and Damien.