Kids at sale

The three boys, Jackson Elliott, Evan Goldring and Matthew Hopson, stand ready to help customers at the garage sale to help raise money for Ashbrook Village.

Three local kids and Ashbrook Village Recreation Director Roylene Hopson used their garage sale to raise money for senior citizens to be able to enjoy the great outdoors.

Roylene Hopson, who just recently started at Ashbrook, came in with a lot of ideas to enrich the lives of her residents. One of the things she is looking at is getting a golf cart for rides around the facility.

Some of her residents have wanted to get out and around town, go down around Duncan Golf & Tennis Club and want to wave at people as the COVID-19 restrictions start to loosen.

As she started her garage sale idea, Roylene Hopson said that it came together quickly and the community stepped up in a huge way by donating items to be sold and also coming in waves to buy.

“Basically, we are caring for the needs of the senior adults and there was a need because some of them are in wheel chairs and some had COVID, they are not able to get out like they were,” Hopson said. “I am wanting them to be able to have a golf cart to kind of ride around to go up maybe to the golf course and to the neighborhoods there and be able to interact, wave and see other people without actually being close to people or getting sick anymore.”

Three of the area youth in Jackson Elliott, Evan Goldring and Matthew Hopson were ready to help in any kind of way and Roylene Hopson credited the kids for helping out in several ways.

“Everyone in the community has been wonderful. The Goldring sons were here and they all helped with the garage sale with my son,” Hopson said. “The community came together with friends of mine and people were just dropping stuff out at the front door. People were also giving cash donations as well, helping us get closer to the goal. Everybody wanted to support it.”

Currently, they have around $1,000 raised. They need between $3,500-$4,000 for a used four seat golf cart.

“That is why I want to raise the money to get them the golf cart. So far I have $1,000 and we can use more,” Hopson said. “We could actually use someone who has a golf cart that wants to sell it to us because I have not found one. But we need the donations to come in to buy one.”

They will also have another sale as the community has donated a lot of items already that need to be sold and they will host that second sale starting July 23.

Hopson said they could also use some more items to help raise more money and the sale will take place at her house. located at 2721 Stagestand in Duncan.

Ashbrook Village is located at 915 West Plato Road in Duncan and anyone making donations can see Hopson at her sale or contact them at 580-215-0467.

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