The Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation (DAEDF) just launched a 360-degree video familiarization (FAM) tour that will be used to spotlight the community to outside investors despite travel restrictions and concerns regarding COVID-19.

When used in conjunction with a virtual meetings app, the 360-degree video will make Duncan, Oklahoma stand out in the minds of people who are looking for a place to start, relocate or expand their business, and provide a way for the DAEDF to have a meeting where they can interact as though they are together in person.

“There’s a huge ‘wow’ factor that goes along with using this cutting-edge technology, and the investment makes sense,” said Lyle Roggow, President of DAEDF. “This isn’t just a one-year marketing item. It’s something that will carry us for the next five years.”

Roggow was introduced to 360-degree video and virtual reality for economic development by Golden Shovel Agency. He made the decision to partner with Golden Shovel’s PlaceVR division to invest in this economic development tool long before the COVID-19 pandemic locked down communities across the nation and the world. When the project started, he also didn’t know that the use of his 360-degree video would be extended when PlaceVR introduced their new meetings app.

“The meetings app is going to let Lyle and his team interact with site selectors and investors as if they’re together in person,” said Aaron Brossoit, CEO of Golden Shovel Agency. “Our platform has put innovation in the hands of smaller communities like Duncan, increasing their success in not only attracting interest, but in moving the decision-making process along.”

360-degree video and virtual reality are immersive experiences that have a physiological effect on the viewers’ brain. The brain responds as though the person is really at the place featured in the video which makes the community memorable and leads to a next action such as setting a meeting.

The FAM tour is one of five videos that are being produced by PlaceVR and Golden Shovel Agency for the Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation.

The video is available to view online here: or

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