County Commissioners

The Stephens County Commissioners met for a meeting on Monday morning, during which they wrapped up previous agenda items with KellPro, approved various bids and settled a revised resolution approving county boundary lines.

The board opened up old business first and county officials met with Cran Pollock and Nathan Lindstrom with KellPro to further discuss the role of KellPro and the options set before them for switching to AT&T. Currently the county is under contract with Telecomp.

Bobby Bowen, undersheriff, said their only concern was maintaining access to old recordings and emergency availability.

Pollock said with 24/7 hours, AT&T will also host the phone system.

“We also have after hours, if needed,” Pollock said.

According to Pollock, there will be future discussions for how to keep and save any previous recordings.

County officials discussed waiting for a new contract and to not switch anything over until July 1, but to begin the process with KellPro to begin putting things together for a seamless switch.

“It’s possible to have it done by June 30,” Pollock said.

According to Pollock, the installation takes a few months to get the fiber laid.

Pollock recommended beginning the process in February.

Commissioner Todd Churchman made the motion to move forward with the switchover.

“Let them set the redundant system up and do whatever they need to, to ’push the rope’ as they call it,’” Churchman said. “To where we’re able to make the switch.”

The board approved to move forward with the process.

During the meeting, the county commissioners opened four bids, one for rock, one for bridge materials, one for oil and emulsion products and one for concrete.

First, the commissioners opened bids for rock to be pick up for each of the districts. Chairman Kreg Murphree, district 1, said he would approve the bid for anything west of 2890, and he would use Richard Spur.

As for Churchman, district 2 and Commissioner Russell Morgan, district 3, they voted to go with Martin Marietta for the entire bid.

Next, the county board voted on the low bid for the delivery of bridge materials for use at various locations.

Then, the board discussed digs for oil and emulsion products, ultimately landing on accepting the bid from Ergon for all three districts.

Moving on, the commissioners discussed bids for the delivery of concrete. With one bid from Dolese, the county board approved the only bid for use at various locations.

Last week, the county commissioners discussed adjusting the county boundary line as brought to their attention by Angela Dunagan, Secretary of the Stephens County Election Board.

After clarification and discussion, the board voted to approve the revised resolution.

In new business, Morgan said around January and February they will receive appraisals on all of the county buildings.

Next, Morgan said, “we’ve got the approval back from the auditors to pursue the charity van through the ARPA money.” The item will appear on next week’s agenda for signing paperwork.

In other news, the board approved:

• The appointment of Bobby Bowen of Comanche as Floodplains Board Member for a six-year term.

• The appointment of receiving officers Jade Polk and Lori Wilsford for the Stephens County Assessor.

The Stephens County Commissioners meeting will convene again at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 29 in their office of the Stephens County Courthouse, located at 101 S. 11th Street.

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