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April 20, 2014

Car show had a big bang this year

DUNCAN — Nothing at the previous car shows ever went kablooey quite like the featured vehicle at Cruisin’ the Chisolm Trail’s opening night on Friday.

 With the smell of burnt rubber still lingering in the air from the tire burning contest, Mark Smith cranked up his 1940 Ford fire engine dragster that’s equipped with two Rolls Royce Viper jet engines that pack a combined 25,000 horsepower.

It didn’t just go vrroom-vrrooom.

It’s went Ka-Blooey! Several times.

People scattered and children cried. Literally.

 Spectators walked around wide-eyed, chuckling nervously, for about five minutes before coming back to earth.

Smith heard later the fire department received calls.

  “One girl was holding her puppy and it peed on her,” chuckled Mark Suttle, Smith’s dragster colleague.

  Another spectator said his leashed, 65-pound dog was so startled it took off running, dragging his master of the way, Suttle said.

  Smith, who works at Halliburton and does drag race demonstrations on weekends around the country, said he burned about twice as much fuel on Friday night as he does during a normal demonstration.

  As a cost-saving measure, he burned 210 gallons of red dye diesel rather than the jet fuel he typically uses.

   It still got the job done.

   Smith said he “did about twice the amount of fire show” that he usually does.

   Flames from the twin engines were so hot it scattered the front lines of the spectators on Walnut Street.

  He said he’ll come back next year if he’s invited.


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