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July 16, 2013

Weekend rainfall makes this a wetter July than 2012

DUNCAN — Rainfall throughout Sunday and into Monday has pushed this year’s total precipitation past the amount received at the same time in 2012.

As of Monday morning, the total rainfall so far this year is at 16.7 inches, which is 1.15 inches more than the same time last year. Between Saturday night and 8 a.m. Monday, Duncan received 1.28 inches of rain.

This is the third time the rainfall amount has not only caught up to but also has surpassed the 2012 totals. The first time came with the first rainfall of the year, which started two days before the first rainfall in 2012. The second came toward the end of February, when this year’s total pulled ahead to 3.41 inches against the 2012 total of 2.85 inches. But low rainfall in March caused this year’s total to fall behind last year’s total to the same point.

July 2012 had four days of measurable precipitation. This July has had three, but each day had more rain than each in July 2012.

Because of the amount of precipitation, this July is the wettest July since July 2010. There was no measurable rainfall in July 2011, and by the same point that year, Duncan had received only 5.75 inches of rain, which is nearly 11 inches less than this year’s total.

In July 2010, there were 11 days of rainfall recorded. For the total rainfall for that month, there was 2.18 inches (2.16 inches to the same point in this month) received. It would take less than an inch of rainfall to get this July’s total above the total rainfall for July 2010.

But it would take 1.14 inches of rain to cause this year’s total rainfall to the same point in 2010. That total was 17.84 inches.

The Weather Channel website notes rainfall is expected to last through Wednesday, which could tilt the scales in favor of making this a wetter July than the one recorded in 2010.

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