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May 1, 2014

Historical museum donates exhibit to train museum

DUNCAN — Two Duncan museums are supporting one another to help each be successful.

 The Stephens County Historical Museum made an exhibit donation to the Train Depot Museum. A brakeman’s uniform and hat, discovered in a vault by Historical Museum director Cova Williams, was turned over to the train museum for display.

“The two museums together are in good sync,” Williams said. “We do whatever we can do for each other.”

Both museums are in Fuqua Park and are free to the public to enjoy.

Mike Stuckert, who led the train museum project and the renovation of the Rock Island 905 locomotive, said the donation will provide something else for the public to appreciate.

Williams said she was glad to share something that otherwise would not be exhibited.

The historical museum will also donate a full mannequin and partial mannequins to display various uniform articles at the depot museum.

The recently donated uniform will be placed in a glass case on a partial mannequin already in the train museum’s possession. That mannequin has a full brakeman’s uniform already displayed, which will then be moved to the full mannequin for better display.

“We are really cooperating well with each other,” Stuckert said. “(The uniform) fits in really nice with us.”

Williams said she would like to see both museums continue working together. She said when anyone stops by the historical museum, she sends them to the train museum before they leave the area. Stuckert does the same for the historical museum.

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