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September 26, 2012

New playgrounds installed in parks across Comanche

DUNCAN — As a part of a renewed effort by the city to provide safe play areas for the children of Comanche, two playgrounds have been constructed in Kinder and Jackson parks with an eye towards future additions.

Employees of ACS Playgrounds have been installing playground equipment in the last two weeks, beginning with Kinder Park, just across the street from the Comanche Housing Authority on Ninth Street and Wilson and then bringing their focus to Jackson Park on U.S. Highway 81.

“It’s been a major thing. The mayor (Debbie Hancock) has been after the playground equipment and the splashpad,” City Manager Wilt Brown said. “It’s been a top priority for her.”

Owner of ACS Playgrounds Clint Pitzer was sorting decks and poles, while his workers focused on the bigger structure, laying the groundwork for the decks and poles to be installed.

“We have the larger structure, which is for 5 to 12-year-olds,” Pitzer said. “Then we got one that is a little smaller for the 2 to 5-year-olds with wood mulch around the areas.”

Pitzer said the ground at Kinder Park was flat, saving time needed to possibly grade the area. With the drought Stephens County has seen in the last two years, the ground was a little more of challenge.

“Drilling the holes was challenging; the ground has been so dry,” Pitzer said.

The equipment being installed at Kinder Park will skew towards the young children in the city, with the equipment installed at Jackson Park having a different color scheme with older children in mind.

This is the first step at revitalizing Kinder Park with plans for the proposed splashpad to be located next to the playground equipment.

“The folks who live here, they love to see company out here,” Brown said.

The installation of playground equipment at Jackson Park is the latest of work to be completed in the area, with the dozen tables repaired or replaced this year along with the grill area fixed up for use again.

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