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April 18, 2013

New Life aims to hit ‘Home Run’ with film

DUNCAN — Community residents will have the opportunity to view “Home Run,” a film of hope and encouragement with scenes shot in eastern Oklahoma locales such as Okmulgee and Tulsa thanks to the efforts of New Life Church.

The storyline is basically a major league baseball player, gets in trouble and gets a DUI,”  New Life Lead Pastor William Moore said. “His life is out of control because he is wrestling with some hurt from growing up. The story is how he finds healing and hope going back home and working with his issues and his hurt.”

New Life, Duncan’s host to Celebrate Recovery, saw the movie as a needed addition to the list of films showing at Carmike this weekend.

“We do Celebrate Recovery here at the church,” Moore said. “There are lots of 12-step programs in the area. We are the only recognized Celebrate Recovery program here in Duncan. In this movie, part of how he finds healing is through Celebrate Recovery small group.”

“The reason I like the movie is because everyone is going to be hurt in life,”  he said. “We are either going to find a way to numb the pain or deal with the pain. This movie lets you see both sides. Because there was this pain in his life, this movie lets you see both sides. This guy had all the success but because there was all this pain in his life, he tried to run from it and find a way to numb it. His choice was alcohol but it does not have to be alcohol. It can be anything. The goal should be to find healing. Without being churchy or religious, it shows a way that can happen. It is a message people need to hear.”

The movie debuts in theaters Friday and Moore said this is a great time for the movie to come out because of recent national events.

“I was thinking about what happened Monday with the bombing,” he said. “There are things like that that cause tremendous pain in people’s life. So where do you look when things goes wrong in life, when you are mistreated or you are wronged? Or you are wounded? You are innocent. Where do you turn? Obviously, as a pastor I believe in turning to go who forgives, heals and restores. There are a lot of people who do not get that message.”

The film will be showing at Carmike Theatre beginning Friday with showtimes available until Thursday. New Life encourages everyone to find a time to see this movie and will be purchasing tickets for some groups.

“Saturday, at the 4 p.m. showing, our goal is to buy out the 4 p.m. matinee in the community and provide free tickets to youth in the community,” Moore said.

Youth in the community, youth group leaders and youth workers can call 474-7625 to reserve tickets. The tickets will be available for pickup at the theatre Saturday.

New Life will also be hosting Drug Court participants and workers for dinner Thursday and purchasing tickets for them to see the movie after dinner.

The movie is rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements. Moore said while kids around age 7 or 8 might not be able to understand the movie, it is appropriate for older family audiences.

“There is some drama,” Moore said. “I do not know that a seven or eight-year-old would get it but definitely middle school and up. It is a message they can understand with stuff they are already seeing.”

He said this movie is a great, encouraging family movie.

“I posted on my Facebook, ‘You need to make plans to see this movie. It will probably be the best sermon you hear all weekend,’” he said.

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